The Book Thief – Part Three – Mein Kampf – The Way Home

Part Three – Mein Kampf

The Way Home

I guess Liesel’s next book that she will steal will be Mein Kampf. Wasn’t that the book that Hans Junior suggested Liesel should read, something that is pure Nazism? It was even penned by Hitler himself, I wonder what he wrote and what the book was about. Was he a good writer? As much I completely disapprove of him and Nazism, I am intrigued to know what he wrote in this book and Google, or more accurately Wikipedia (those 24 hours when it was blacked out were hard for all of us, information was hard to come by!!) told me that in English ‘Mein Kampf’ means ‘My struggle/battle’ which intrigues me. Also, you can actually buy the book and even better it is available online, whether illegal or not, but I would say that it would no longer be under copyright (because the site says that there is no copyright on all the books there, and it is reputable, FYI it is  Project Gutenberg Australia!!), it was over 50 years ago, and that is the normal copyright period, and its not like anyone needs to profit from the book. So maybe on day I’ll read it and I’ll let you know what I think, I don’t think I’d do a chapter by chapter review, just a one off, that would be sufficient, and it shall be linked here when/if it happens.

Anyways enough of that, back to the actual text at hand. So it will be the third book that Liesel will own, but this time she will not steal it! But it simply showed up on the doorstep in the middle of the night. But we have to travel back in time a bit, to rejoin Liesel and Hans returning home after the bonfire. Liesel couldn’t take the heat any longer so had to remove it, revealing the book to Papa. Papa doesn’t seem to be too pleased, and is a little surprised. I think this is the first time Liesel realises that she STOLE two books, I think the gravity of things isn’t revealed until someone else says it or at least until you say it aloud. Don’t you hate it when someone realises something, but is so caught up they can’t actually explain anything, and you are just waiting there, wondering what are they on about (I think it is bad enough when someone laughs and can’t explain what they are laughing about without laughing even more!).

Papa’s Fast-paced Visions

First he sees the girl’s books: The Gravedigger’s Handbook, The Dog Named Faust, The LIghthouse, and now, The Shoulder Shrug. Next is a kitchen and a volatile Hans Junior, regarding those books on the table, where the girl often reads. He speaks: ‘And what rubbish is this girl reading?’ His son repeats the question three times, after which he makes his suggestion for more appropriate reading material.

I’m still not quite following, but I guess we are just like Liesel at the moment, a bit unsure where this is going and what Hans is on about. Now the book is a secret and must be kept that way. So Hans goes out and buys Mein Kempf to be honest I had an inkling that he might go and do that. And something about postage, so he is sending the book somewhere? And now he has a plan, that is going to take seven months. I am slightly confused, I guess that is how we are supposed to be, we aren’t supposed to realise everything, but I want to know what exactly is going on! I guess in good time this plan, or whatever it is, will be revealed.




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