The Book Thief – Part Three – The Mayor’s Library

The Mayor’s Library

The Mayor has a library? Cool! My whole house is going to be a library one day, because books are amazing, and I want them in real life and not as an e-book. I mean can you use e-books to do this: ? Didn’t think so! I seriously want so many books that I think people might believe I was hoarding, which to be honest I’m pretty bad at throwing things away, I keep like most pieces of paper I am given, but I’m not literally a hoarder. Also, does Molching have a library, or is it too small a town, or too poor a town, to have one, or do they just think they are a waste of money? Cause if they had one Liesel would have every book (that was Nazi approved, of course) at her disposal, so I’d take a guess that they don’t have a library, which all towns should, cause libraries are awesome!

Criminal activity will certainly do that to a person, you start to feel guilty and think every noise is someone coming to get you and every thought is about will someone find out, I’m basing this not on personal experience of crime, but just by doing something that ‘breaks the rules’ of the house/school, and that if someone found out, they probably wouldn’t be happy. But paranoia can definitely set in. I’m going to guess that it was the mayor’s wife who saw, based on the avoidance of her house. I don’t think it would be a bad thing that she saw, she seems nice enough.

Another Quick Translation

Bürgermeister = mayor

Liesel there is no avoiding the place, and you know it! Peer pressure, it sometimes can be used to do good, not evil! And there was nothing to worry about, the woman didn’t say anything or do anything unusual, so Liesel was safe, or so it seems.

A Little Something to Dampen the Euphoria

She had gotten away with nothing The mayor’s wife had seen her all right. She was just waiting for the right moment.

Right moment to do what exactly? Maybe because Rudy was there? Maybe the mayor would be home soon, or was home and she didn’t want anyone else to witness anything. Doesn’t Liesel get tired from waking up in the middle of the night and reading for an hour, I know I would be, maybe she goes to bed reasonably early anyways?

Dun-dun-dun!! The mayor’s wife wants Liesel to come inside, STRANGER DANGER! That’s a bit of an overreaction but anyway children aren’t just supposed to go into the homes of random people, but different times and different circumstances I guess. Ah Liesel, don’t assume the worst she isn’t going to burn you with the books! She wants to share her enormous stash of books, that I wish I owned, and could read German to understand them, but this is fiction! How come they have so many books? Does the wife read? Or is it to impress everyone?

I remember when I walked into an old library, containing old books, wall to wall, and I was so excited to see all the books, and I did what Liesel did and like ran over and touched them all. That is how weird I am! Though it was a public ‘library’ so I couldn’t be loud and it wasn’t even the best library in the world, just the best in my state, I must find the best in the world and visit them, any suggestions!

Liesel didn’t even say thankyou! Though I guess she was a tad caught up in the moment! And then she runs back and bangs on the door, and the mayor himself answers, AWKWARD!! I bet the mayor was like what the hell was that all about, once he had closed the door!


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