The Book Thief – Part Three – Enter, The Struggler

Enter, The Struggler

A change of scenery? Where could we possibly be going? I LOVE the fact that I as a reader, am like apart of the book and Death is talking directly to me, all bad authors take note of how amazing Zusak is now! It feels so personal, and like I’m literally there listening to the telling of the story. So now we are leaving Molching for a moment and exposing ourselves to something that is ‘not easy’. We are going to a ‘secret storage room’ and ‘we will see what we see’. Zusak you are a god!

A Guided Tour of Suffering

To your left, perhaps your right, perhaps even straight ahead, you find a small black room. In it sits a Jew. He is scum. He is starving He is afraid. Please – try not to look away.

Why exactly is the Jew called scum by Death, I wouldn’t have thought this would be the case, I thought sure a Nazi might do that, but Death was above all that, maybe he is trying to evoke a reaction. I love, “Please – try not to look away.” It is pure genius, and it is powerful, something that isn’t too common in books, depending on which books you read, the good ones all have power, the bad, well they are just words written down on a piece of paper.

Who is this poor man, and seriously he hasn’t done anything, so get your filthy off of him and they are filthy because you dirty them by hurting innocent people! See, good books (and especially bad ones, for all the wrong reasons) evoke emotion of the reader or a memory, these are the attributes from a good text.

Who is Max, and how is he related to the story? Clever way of introducing a new character, if this indeed is a new character that is going to hang around. And who is this man who is helping him, something that would surely result in his death, if he was caught.How does he know Hans? What is going on? Zusak you have certainly made me intrigued and are making me want to devour the rest of the book to find out more, but I must wait.


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