The Book Thief – Part Three – The Attributes of Summer (continued)

The Attributes of Summer (continued)

Continuing where we left off, Liesel had just asked Frau Hermann about her son (without knowing it) and has probably made her a bit upset, but hopefully Liesel allows her to make some sort of recovery.

Two Giant Words


Sometimes Liesel, sorry just isn’t enough. Hold on, is it Frau or Ilsa Hermann, that is the mayor’s wife? Cause I swear both names were used, I am so confused by this. I don’t think we can really see what is coming, hindsight is a powerful thing and we notice things that are relevant that we wouldn’t have before, but in the moment, you don’t realise what is going on, even when it is right in-front of us.

Ah we are back to the football on the street, good childhood activities. And Tommy Muller is still afraid of Liesel, after she bashed him up, apparently ‘You never know when she might snap.’ which I find a tad funny, because I don’t Liesel is just going to snap and murder someone, not now, maybe earlier, when she was not quite so settled.

Liesel is certainly on her way of having a life of crime, she seems to be stealing things at every opportunity, I wonder if she will ever be caught? And now Rudy is joining her on her stealing hobby, this time though not for books, but for food. Which to be fair, is acceptable because you have to eat and times are hard, so some people can’t get enough food, as long as the food they find and steal won’t mean someone else will starve! Hopefully everyone likes pea soup, otherwise you don’t have many options. Interesting that they don’t have a pea shortage. ‘Just look at the apple, you can’t eat it’ makes it sound like they are so special, and they have never seen one before in their lives, well it is possible that they haven’t seen one for a very long time. But stealing from farmers, who are trying to make money from all the food, isn’t the best idea either and probably is dangerous.

Ah, I love the sibling rivalry, and the fact that Ludwig Schmeikl’s brother (a kid who Liesel bashed up) actually congratulates Liesel on a job well done. Now I don’t agree with her bashing people up, but I just found it quite interesting that Zusak does this, as it quite likely would have really occurred. And no you can’t eat books, I mean you could, if you really wanted to, but I doubt they would taste good, and you’d be destroying a book, which is close to sacrilegious. This apple thieving is going to get dangerous!

Two Debutant Apple Thieves, Whispering

‘Liesel – are you sure? Do you still want to do this?’

‘Look at the barbed wire, Rudy, it’s so high.’

‘No, no, look, you throw the sack on. See? Like them.”

‘All right.’

‘Come on then!’

‘I can’t!’ Hesitation. ‘Rudy, I -‘

‘Move it, Saumensch!’

They got a dozen apples between them, that isn’t a bad haul, but it is very dangerous. And you are stealing food from some farmer, who is trying to make money and feed their own family, so they should stop! And she ate so many apples, that she vomited, well that wasted all the time and effort didn’t it. I hope she doesn’t gorge herself next time! I don’t think this thieving past time is going to end all that well. Books are one thing, if you are in the right place at the right time (only in the case of Liesel, not in real life!) but food, with lots of people, that could easily get yourself caught, that just isn’t right.


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