The Book Thief – Part Three – Tricksters and The Struggler, Concluded


I guess in Nazi Germany nothing would be worse than being a Jew. But even being a full blooded German doesn’t mean life is easy! Rosa now only has two customers left for her washing, the good thing for Liesel is that the mayor and his wife still can afford to get their washing done, which means Liesel can continue reading books in their library. Why exactly did they take potatoes, because you have to cook them, so unless they somehow cooked them as well, it would be pointless. Are they seriously going to steal from a boy who is taking goods to a priest? They are taking it a little too far now. And they could injure the poor guy by making him fall of the bike. And they don’t even care if they killed him, well they didn’t really check now did they. And they eggs are broken now and aren’t all that appetising raw, so they are a waste. I wonder where they will draw the line when it comes to their thieving.

True they shared the stash, but stealing is stealing! At least Liesel has some sense of conscious even if Rudy knocks her thoughts down. And now they risked one too many times, and the farmer has spotted them thieving. WITH AN AXE! That was too close, hopefully it wakes them up and makes them realise there are real risks to their actions. I do sound very law abiding and ‘goody-two-shoes’ and that is kinda of who I am, but breaking the law is reckless, and stealing once or twice may be acceptable, but the number of times now, when they are stealing from people who can’t really afford to loose anything, it’s not really acceptable in my view, sure they are kids and times are tough, but you have to draw the line somewhere.

A Small Tribute to Arthur Berg, a Still-living Man

The Cologne sky was yellow and rotting, flaking at the edges. He sat, propped against a wall with a child in his arms. His sister. When she stopped breathing, he stayed with her, and I could sense he would hold her for hours. There were two stolen apples in his pocket.

The phrase ‘Still-living’ is a little odd and confusing. Do they mean still alive? Or do they mean he was still, as in peaceful? Not too clear. At least Liesel and Rudy had the sense to sell some chestnuts and make a few ‘cents’ and get revenge on Frau Diller!!

The Struggler, Concluded

Zusak you are amazing, I just love the first paragraph! ‘Soon I will clap them together. Just give me a few pages.’ AMAZING!

‘Die alive.’ Now there is an oxymoron!

Max is out the front of Liesel’s home!!! He is asking them to risk their lives to save him!!! The action just gets higher from here doesn’t it. Also this means that their basement might be home to him, and Liesel can’t use it for word learning anymore. How come he has a key, what is it to, the house? Shouldn’t he knock? And it ends there!!! Now Part Four begins!!!! And I believe we are a third of the way through the book and I believe I have done 26 posts, so in total I might reach 78 posts in total just from The Book Thief and I will finish sometime in March, if I continue the way I am, which is a long time away, hopefully I’ll finish by the end of February or something, and start my next book (I believe I have planned ahead for some time, though I’m not telling!!!) in March! How exciting!!



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