The Book Thief – Part Four – A Short History of the Jewish Fist-fighter

A Short History of the Jewish Fist-fighter

Max was born in 1916, so just after World War One finished (I hope I am right here). I really don’t get what it is about fighting that people love, especially guys, it makes no sense to me (also a guy)! Why would you want to punch someone and get punched by someone else. Sure we all have had urges to knock someone out or punch someone cause they are so annoying or say something rude, but can’t you restrain yourself! Physical violence solves nothing! If you have problems, fights aren’t the way to deal with them. I also find it interesting how quickly everyone hears about a fight in the school, and all the kids seem to gravitate towards them. It confuses me, that part, don’t people realise that if they have a huge crowd, and the whole school like follows them, that the teachers are not stupid, and realise that something is going on! But their testosterone (sure girls fight too, especially these days) is raging, so they can’t stop and think, how stupid they are.

It sounds like most Jews have the right idea, just take it (seriously you are the better and bigger person if you do that) and one day be on top of everyone else, sure you can’t just stand there and do nothing if someone is abusing you, you have to tell someone, so they can take charge and it can be put to a stop. And you just have to realise that school, isn’t going to last forever!And just think, that maybe one day, you will be the boss of them, and they will be working for you, or they will be homeless, jobless, druggies begging for money, or their life could be in your hands!

Max you are an idiot! You are way too ‘macho’ and naive. ‘He wouldn’t die that way.’ and he wouldn’t have an accepting face. Max, you have to accept death, and dying around your friends and family is probably the best way to die, cause there shouldn’t be too much pain for you, and you around the ones you love.Sometimes it isn’t worth fighting death, when it is your time, you will understand, that fighting is pointless! Death (the character) eagerly awaits Max’s death, to see his ‘stupid gallantry’.

He got knocked out! Where is the fun and joy in being knocked out! Why is this addictive? Hold up, he was knocked down, not out! But still! The other guy cried! This is not acceptable behaviour! Now Kugler wants to kill Max! But that is one way to start a friendship!

Can anyone tell me why exactly on November 9 (Kristallnacht) they broke windows and destroyed homes of Jewish people? Why that one random day? Did someone say go do this now, or what? Wait was Kugler the man who helped Max? Walter did help him!! And he was in hiding for two whole years, that is impressive!

One Name, One Address

Hans Hubermann

Himmel Strasse 33, Molching.

I guess Strasse kinda means Street, am I right? Good thing Hans did not turn into a Nazi, otherwise who knows what would have happened to Max and Walter. Hans even gave Walter MONEY!!! How amazing is Hans? I guess it is true that kids do have big mouths, that like to share things, but Liesel isn’t too much of a sharer, I don’t think, she could keep the secret. Hold on, so Mein Kampf wasn’t for Liesel, but for Max. So did Liesel ever get the book and read it, or is she still free from Hitler’s words? Then Walter had to go to Poland, so Max had to take the risk and head to Molching. Where Hans accepts him openly, but what about Rosa, what will she say? And the name of the next chapter doesn’t sound too good ‘The Wrath of Rosa’!


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