The Book Thief – Part Four – The Wrath of Rosa and Liesel’s Lecture

The Wrath of Rosa

Rosa isn’t shouting and yelling and Max is now eating her soup!? Though he then threw up, so it doesn’t say about Rosa’s cooking, but it was because Max hasn’t really eaten for a long time, and ate a little too much. The chapter’s name is very misleading. There is no real wrath, she just seems concerned that they will be caught, and proud that she is saving someone’s life. But it is unusual, and Liesel is right in questioning who the people she was seeing were.

Liesel’s Lecture

It is hard to define what kind of person anyone is and I especially hate trying to label people or things (like a favourite book/movie). But are Rosa and Hans ignorant or insane? I’d say not.

The situation of Hans and Rosa Hubermann

Very sticky indeed. In fact, frightfully sticky.

I would not want to be Hans or Rosa at the moment, with this situation, it would be very interesting and stressful. So Max has to share a room with Liesel, which is a little odd, especially for Liesel (in my opinion). What’s going to happen when (I don’t think it is if) Liesel wakes up from one of her nightmares? I have to laugh at the idea of someone telling you that you were sick. How can someone else tell you, that you are sick. Obviously she can’t be sick, it is just to make sure Liesel doesn’t go off telling others about Max, but I find it strange that she didn’t wake up in the night, maybe she has moved on a bit. I think Max has trained himself to be silent, or as quiet as possible, because he couldn’t risk making noises and alerting the wrong person to his existence.

And here comes the lecture. So he tells her the whole story, and starts with the accordion, which is a good (but potentially risky) idea. The more Liesel knows, the more she can let something slip, but the more she knows, the more she will want to protect the secret. Hans has to be tough, to make sure she knows the gravity of the situation. Burning her books would probably be for two reasons, so Liesel would be punished, but then no Nazi could find any of the ‘prohibited’ books. Even though Liesel is now crying, the fear, should help. I don’t think Liesel will tell their secret not for a long time, the only possible person she would let it slip too would be Rudy, but whether that would end in disaster, is another thing.


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