The Book Thief – Part Four – The Sleeper

The Sleeper

To be honest this makes me think of a ‘sleeper cell’, where someone has been placed in a community for a long time, just waiting until they gain trust and eventually can attack from within, without suspicion, but clearly this has nothing to do with that.

Max slept for three whole days! I guess he can relax and not have to worry (too much) about someone finding him, and getting caught and all that, but still that is a long time. I wonder if he was literally asleep for the whole time, or just had his eyes closed for a period of time and then fell asleep again and then woke up but didn’t get up. Cause I swear most people do that, because to me there is no way you can sleep for like 12 hours or more, and actually be asleep, you’d have to be awake for part of that time, but just lying in bed. Unless of course, you were really tired, then you can sleep for like a long time, especially if you haven’t slept because of flights and there isn’t much jet-lag, or maybe you just have been staying up late a lot and haven’t gotten too much sleep.

Liesel was watching him for part of time? That is just strange, I don’t think it is okay watching someone else sleep, unless you are like quite close to that person. When you are asleep you are vulnerable and have no control over yourself, so I don’t think it is okay to watch someone sleep (unless of course you sleep next to them in bed, then it’s probably alright, thought they may get weirded out by you!). Now she is ‘obsessed with watching him! Liesel is correct though, she and Max are similar, they both have nightmares.

Waking up is one of the strangest things, especially if you are in a new place, cause you have no idea where you are, and you are so disorientated and confused, it can be stressful and alarming. Especially if you didn’t plan on sleeping, or are suddenly awoken, it can be so odd.And I guess Liesel and Max have met now, I wonder what their relationship will turn out to be. Will they share stories? Will they even like each other? i guess we shall see.



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