The Book Thief – Part Four – Pages from the Basement

Pages from the Basement

I wonder if Liesel is just a tad suspicious if she is being kept out of the basement, I wonder what she thinks is going on. Finally Max has a use for Mein Kampf! Just paint over them and create a little story book for Liesel with words and pictures! BRILLIANT! And here is the origin of The Standover Man. Why exactly is Max nearly obsessed with Liesel saying ‘His hair is like feathers.’ Does he think it is a compliment, or does he think she was being rude, why is this so significant?

And then we are given the 13 page book, with illustrations to read for ourselves. Which is kinda amazing because Zusak then had to write another story within a story! Even though the story, is just Max’s story, IT IS AMAZING! And I love it! I bet Liesel will love it too! It’s perfect, the illustrations are amazing, the story though simple, is touching and creative! Obviously I’m not going to replicate either the words or the pictures here, so go find a copy for yourself and read it, because it is touching and sad and amazing! It’s just amazing.

Zusak could have quite easily just said Max gave Liesel a book and it was called The Standover Man and she liked it, and it was about Max’s life. But instead we are presented with an amazing story, and some really beautiful illustrations, which leads me to ask who did them, because they deserve all of the credit! Found it, her name is Trudy White (I think/hope) and she deserves so much praise, if she wrote the words it would be even better, but I’d take a guess that it was Zusak, but if it wasn’t Trudy you are a legend! Um I just realised that there are real words from Mein Kampf in the background of the pictures which makes it even more realistic, even though the words are in English, and I’d assume that they would speak German, even though most of the dialogue uses English, so we understand, I’d guess that they wouldn’t be using that because they are German, and (probably to them) English was for Jews (or something)! I think this part of the book just elevates the whole novel dramatically, even if it wasn’t included, the book would be amazing, this just makes it even better!

Can I just say that Liesel is so right, it is hard to remember if something was a dream, or if it happened in real life, when you are woken up in your sleep. It can make you confused until you see something that reminds of you what really happened. I mean it is hard enough to remember if what you think is a memory, actually happened or if it was a dream. And then Liesel goes down into the basement to thank Max, after reading the gift three times, at least now she isn’t afraid of him! But somehow Max doesn’t wake up, Liesel was quite, but I thought he would have like super sleep sensing sense, that made sure that if someone came up to him during the middle of the night, he would wake up, but obviously not. But they slept together, which is really better than them sharing words, it is just more symbolic and more powerful that way. One of the best chapters of the entire book, or EVER WRITTEN!

And that is the amazing end of Part Four and we are now around 45% complete, and I think I’ll still write about 76-68 posts, which means I’ll still be ending late March, which is over a month away, but time goes so quickly it will be over before I know it!


2 thoughts on “The Book Thief – Part Four – Pages from the Basement

  1. In response to your question “Why is Max obsessed with Liesel saying he has ‘hair like feathers,'” I think it’s more that Zusak made it a prominent point. Birds have feathers, and are free to fly to where they please. He is comparing Max, who is stuck in the Hubermann’s basement in hiding, to a bird, as a way of explaining his lack of freedom.

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