The Book Thief – Part Five – The Whistler – The Floating Book (Part I) and The Gamblers (A Seven-sided Dice)

Part Five – The Whistler

The Floating Book (Part I)

A book was floating down the river? Why, and who put it there, and do books actually float? And wouldn’t it be useless now, and unreadable? But Rudy decided to swim in cold water to get the book, on the off chance that he would receive a kiss from Liesel in return. He is so focused on getting a kiss, but is yet to receive one, and I don’t think he will, at least not from Liesel. So poor Rudy indeed!

A Small Announcement About Rudy Steiner

He didn’t deserve to die the way he did.

Umm… What? Rudy is dying? What is going on? Death what are you talking about? Is Rudy dying soon, because that would just be too sad? Is he going to die during then course of the book or are you just talking about him dying one day, after the course of the book. Death certainly doesn’t muck around, and isn’t afraid of being a little blunt.

Was I supposed to think that he died from hypothermia that very day, cause I didn’t even think of that? Though Death says he did not. HE IS GOING TO DIE IN TWO YEARS!!!!! What from? PURE SADNESS! Rudy dies, (under rubble?) and Liesel actually kisses him. So he gets his kiss he wanted to get, but it is too late. Zusak you are evil and are toying with our hearts. Why are you just telling us about this now, why not wait until it actually happens? You are kinda spoiling it, aren’t you? And what is part two of The Floating Book going to involve?

Death do you have a heart? Do you? I mean you are telling us about this event, before it even happens. But Zusak I must say that the poetry of ‘In the darkness of my dark-beating heart’ and the whole chapter is just superb. Even if it is sad.

The Gamblers (A Seven-sided Dice)

Just saying that this chapter is like 23 pages, which is extremely long, and I don’t have time! So yet again, it will have to be broken up, one or two times. And why is it added in brackets, about a seven-sided dice (and I thought it was die, even though hardly anyone uses it), I hope we understand the significance of this later on.

Yeah Death you are being rude! You just spoiled the ending, of not only the whole book, but just everything! What is wrong with you! But Death mystery doesn’t bore everyone else on the planet! So not only is the fact that Rudy is going to die because of the war, and bombs and stuff, but also Rudy getting the book, are things that happen in the future, thanks a lot Death, I swear time just isn’t linear for him, because he just tells one part and then another on whatever suits him.And even though I have read this book, I didn’t even remember this being in here!

I guess they are metaphorically rolling a dice, trying to hide a Jew. And now we are introduced to another way to split up chapters!

1. The Haircut: Mid-April 1941 [compared with the book in the river incident which is Christmas 1941]

I don’t know whether to be happy or not, that Rosa and Hans are arguing again. Cause it means life is back to normal, but they are arguing, and arguing just isn’t nice, and is so stressful. And they have an argument, because they can’t find the scissors! I swear married couples (especially older ones) argue about like nothing, nothing at all, and yet they love each other. Hans you are absolutely right, who exactly is going to see Max, and care about what his hair looks like. It’s not like it matters, but to be honest it is a little harsh for Max to hear. I mean how would you like it if someone said that it doesn’t matter if your hair looked terrible, not the best feeling. I nearly exploded when Max arrives with his own scissors, after all the trouble they had been through trying to find scissors, and Max appears with a pair in hand. And then he hands the scissors to Liesel, ah Max, you are amazing! They seriously burned the hair, wouldn’t that smell so bad, burning hair is like the worst smell eve! Apart from rotten egg/hydrogen sulphide smell that can come up from volcanic vents and things, and smells TERRIBLE!

Well the remaining numbers on the dice will have to wait!


One thought on “The Book Thief – Part Five – The Whistler – The Floating Book (Part I) and The Gamblers (A Seven-sided Dice)

  1. Books can float, and I think it is more than possible, especially if the book had a thick cover, that it would still readable if it were rescued in time for the pages to dry. I don’t honestly know for sure, but I dropped one of my aunt’s paperback books in the toilet when I was about 11 years old and when we fished it out and put it out in the sun to dry, it was eventually good as new.

    Yes, Zusak is certainly being very daring to give away such a shocking event in the story, and I think that is the most interesting part of these first four chapters, anyway. I have written in my newest post at length about why I feel Zusak included that, but I think it basically goes back, not only to the fact that Death is omniscient and doesn’t care about spoiling the story, but to Zusak’s attempt to act in accordance with an older style of storytelling where it was the journey, not the destination, that mattered, as Death himself explained. Shakespeare, in fact, famously gave away that Romeo and Juliet would die at the very beginning of the play. And I’m amazed you were able to forget that!

    And Zusak did actually correctly label the second chapter “A Seven-Sided Die” instead of “Dice.” At least it’s written that way in my copy of the American edition.

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