The Book Thief – Part Five – The Gamblers (A Seven-sided Dice) (cont.)

The Gamblers (A Seven-sided Dice) (cont.)

2. The Newspaper: Early May

Oh my, I thought Liesel actually told the mayor’s wife she had a Jew in her basement! I was scared for a moment, it sounded like Liesel had lost her mind! But still, she wants to tell her but knows she shouldn’t. I mean sure she seems nice, you can’t be sure, I doubt she would tell anyone, but you can’t risk it! The mayor’s wife even offers for Liesel to take the book, I quite like her, she is nice! Liesel actually verbally told the woman about the book she stole from the fire, sure she saw it happen, but she brought it up again, WHY? How often does Liesel deliver the washing? Everyday? Every weekday? How often do they need their clothes washed? And is there ever a time where Liesel can’t come in and read because the mayor is home or something? I wonder what they mayor actually thinks about the arrangement, if he knows about it. I guess some questions have been answered. There is only one day, Thursday, in which she delivers the clothes. At least Liesel can provide some joy and fun for Max, in an otherwise boring, miserable life.

Such a difference between their relationship from day one, to now, Liesel was afraid of him for a long time! I’m glad they are now friends and can share words between them.

3. The Weatherman: Mid-May

I’m surprised that Rosa would listen to Liesel’s story, I thought she was too busy and would rather Liesel to do something productive instead of talk, but it’s nice to hear. It sounds like a moment of happiness, but I’m sure that it won’t last for too long. Poor Max he can’t even know what the weather is like, and he can never go outside, no wonder he wants Liesel to describe it. If he had asked Max to describe the weather it would probably just have been, quite boring, possibly just “a little cold, not much cloud” how boring is that?!

The Wall-written Words of Max Vandenburg

It was a Monday, and they walked on a tightrope to the sun.

Seriously this seems way to happy and safe, this is all going to come crashing down isn’t it?

4. The Boxer: End of May

I seriously don’t know how Max can survive, he has very little to do, can’t go anywhere and has no one to talk to for most of the day. How could he stand such boredom and solitude? Sure you might adapt a little, but it has got to be tough. At least he doesn’t have a clock ticking away at him, torturing him with the actual time! Why would Max resist Liesel? Possibly because he doesn’t think he deserves it, which he does (as in he deserves it, not that he doesn’t).

Exercise is like the one thing he can do, it is basically like being in prison! And exercise is good, he can’t just sit there for a whole day, he might as well do something worthwhile. And then we find out that he has been pretending that he is fighting again, and this time he is fighting the Führer, himself! It is reasonable enough for him to want to do this, and I hope he gives him hell! Even in his fantasy, Jews aren’t treated reasonably. But instead of being a good thing, Max just sees himself being viscously beaten, which is very sad! I was hoping Max would thrash Hitler, but sadly it isn’t happening. But then, Max makes a comeback and starts punching him, aiming for HIS MOUSTACHE!!! But then it goes sad again, because Hitler begins a speech about how despicable and vile Jews are, which is terrible, why is this in Max’s mind?!?! Out of the seriousness, how can Hitler stand on the rung of the boxing ring ropes? That would be so hard to do, wouldn’t it? Then it gets even sadder and more terrible, because the entire ‘nation’ begins beating Max, and he is defenceless. And then he sees Liesel in his fantasy, but she is cold and everything is wrong and sad, I knew happiness couldn’t last in this book!

5. The New Dream: A Few Nights Later

Now Max tells Liesel of his new dream, which he has during the day, his fantasy. Though can it be called that, because usually they are positive and nice, not evil and painful, day-dream might be better (or maybe day-mare). I hope you start to win Max, I really do, but when it comes to violence, I guess no one really wins.

6. The Painters: Early June

Max is creating another book? Hopefully we see it! Because it will be amazing, please let this happen! And everyone is helping this time, to paint of the words of Mein Kampf which is good to see.

Basement Visions, June 1941

Punches are thrown, the crowd climbs out of the walls. Max and the Führer fight for their lives, each rebounding off the stairway. There’s blood in the Führer’s moustache, as well as in his part-line, on the right side of his head. ‘Come on, Führer,’ says the Jew. He waves him forward. ‘Come on, Führer.’

He is creating another book! Yes! This time it is called The Word Shaker! I really hope it is included in the book!

The last side of the dice, which is apparently the longest one, will be tackled tomorrow! BYE!



One thought on “The Book Thief – Part Five – The Gamblers (A Seven-sided Dice) (cont.)

  1. The book never addresses how the Mayor felt about Liesel coming over to read, but it’s possible he’s simply too busy to notice or care. Even if his wife did explain to him the arrangement, he wouldn’t know that Liesel had stolen a book from the fire, so he probably wouldn’t care.

    I think the reason Max fantasizes about Hitler goading the entire country of Germany into beating him is because he is morbidly depressed, and it is supposed to be a representation of Max’s inner thoughts and how he sees the current state of affairs for Jews. It’s sad that he wouldn’t even fantasize about triumphantly beating Hitler but his mind is very cynical/realist and he isn’t in the business of lying to himself about what’s going on.

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