The Book Thief – Part Five – The Gamblers (A Seven-sided Dice) (cont.)

The Gamblers (A Seven-sided Dice) (cont.)

7. The showdown: June 24

Can I just say that Germany, invading Russia was the worst idea EVER! I mean it is good that you did that for all of the allies, and it made it possible/easier to defeat you, but it wasn’t very smart on your part. I mean do you really want to be at war on all sides?!? You don’t have like a billion people to fight for you, so you should have just focused your efforts on something easier, and then worked your way up, but no, you became too greedy, and were defeated!

Oh dear, what is their payment for hiding a Jew? This is not going to be good. WHAT NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rosa now has no customers, and Liesel can’t (presumably) go to the library any-more!!!!!!!! THIS IS A DISASTER!!!!! And this is all because the mayor has to look like he is cutting back, in case times get tougher, even though ‘the war is going splendidly’. Oh, this is why the mayor’s wife keeps offering her the book, because she knows that she won’t be able to come back, so she should take the book to make sure she can finish it! Poor Liesel! She wanted to die! Even poor Ilsa Hermann, it would be awkward and annoying, especially since she brought her into their library, but Liesel is in a worse state. I think Ilsa would want Liesel to return and read again, it would probably make her happy, but it’s not going to happen, it’s over. And now Liesel is angry, and thinks she hates Ilsa, she shouldn’t let herself be consumed by her rage, it isn’t healthy and doesn’t solve anything. Yes it is angering, and annoying, and most importantly sad, but life happens, and you have to try your best to move on, once you’ve let all your emotion out.

At least she now has another book in her collection. No Liesel, don’t go back and confront her, Ilsa doesn’t deserve it! This is seriously one of the saddest moments. Liesel! You can’t just yell at a woman, that she has to get over her dead son! Shame on you! Sure it is a waste of a life, but it’s way too harsh. And you gave back the book, you could have accepted it, as the gesture it was, it wasn’t designed to make you feel better about it, it was there because Ilsa didn’t want you to not finish the book, and think of her so sourly, but you’ve ruined that, and I hope you are happy!

Um, you should have given the letter to Rosa, she won’t be happy either way, but at least she can’t be too furious at you, if you don’t have a letter. But this makes it worse, because Liesel is trying to take the blame, and be punished. At least Rosa doesn’t believe her! And then oddly Liesel asks Max to teach her how to do push-ups. Not something I would have thought required teaching, but anyway. You aren’t going to hell Liesel, no matter what!

Rudy’s Youth

Rudy can perform? What exactly?

A Portrait of Rudy Steiner: July 1941

Strings of mud clench his face. His tie is a pendulum, long dead in its clock. His lemon, lamplit hair is dishevelled and he wears a sad, absurd smile.

That is like the best description of something ever, Zusak you are too talented. I think you are right Rudy, all is shit for you all right now, war is shit!

A Triple-tiered Problem

1. Tommy Muller’s ears.

2. Franz Deutscher – the irate Hitler Youth leader.

3. Rudy’s inability to stay out of things.

What in the world does a kid’s ears have to do with ANYTHING? I understand Rudy not being able to keep his mouth shut, and if he had a terribly ruthless leader that wouldn’t help. But what do the ears have to do with anything? Are they ‘Jewish’ or something? IT MAKES NO SENSE! Oh, it is because he can’t march straight. But big deal, just get over it, it isn’t his fault. Why are people so nasty?! Franz Deutscher, please go die in a hole! NOW! Rudy you are really nice and all, but that was a little uncalled for to say to Tommy to ‘just sit there and – twitch- or something’ that is just rude and hurtful. It’s not his fault, so don’t become like Franz Deutschler!

And now they are planning on stealing again! This isn’t going to end well, they came close last year, this time something bad is going to happen!


One thought on “The Book Thief – Part Five – The Gamblers (A Seven-sided Dice) (cont.)

  1. I think it’s still unclear at this point why the Mayor’s wife is so eager to give the book away. Granted, your guess could be right, but she did tell Liesel she could come back to read, and I don’t really see why she would lie after all, since otherwise if Liesel really did return, it would put her in an awkward position.

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