The Book Thief – Part Five – The Losers

The Losers

I think when if comes to them stealing, it shouldn’t really happen, but if they are going to do it, having back up would be a good idea! But now there is a new leader, I wonder if he will be nice, or if he is pure evil

The New Arthur Berg

He had windy hair and cloudy eyes, and he was the kind of delinquent who had no other reason to steal except that he enjoyed it. His name was Viktor Chemmel.

Having the word ‘delinquent’ a part of his description doesn’t give me too much hope for him being a nice, compassionate boy, but I am prepared to be shocked! But he has no reason to steal, he is coming from a rich family, so he shouldn’t be doing it, at least everyone else seems to do it because they are hungry. Good thing Liesel is used to verbal abuse, because I don’t think many girls would take kindly to being called a ‘whore’. I don’t really get why people use profanities in everyday life, for no reason, maybe if you were in pain, were angry or some other understandable situation, you would use it, but they don’t need to be used in nearly EVERY sentence. There are much better words, they just make you look vulgar and quite small-minded. Liesel stole THREE HUNDRED APPLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And how many others are in the group? 10? 20? That is over 2000 apples at least, maybe up to 6000 apples! Which would be possibly 900 kilograms of apples! And could be a total cost of over $4000 which is a LOT OF MONEY! Sure the price would be different back then, but still that is a lot of money, that they have been stealing from poor farmers!

Every group needs a leader, but a strong group can only function if all the others are sheep, otherwise it just gets complicated, and humans can’t share power very well. And now they are realising that the apple farms aren’t doing all that well, and there isn’t much crop on the trees, and what is there is quite poor. So they take the very little of what the farmers have and leave them with what? Nothing? Can’t they see that this will be hurting people. Speaking of hurting people, it seems Viktor is quick to dish out physical punishment for little reason. Well hopefully they won’t be stealing food any time soon, Liesel and Rudy that is.

A Small Threat from Viktor Chemmel To Rudy Steiner

‘You’ll pay for that at a later date, my friend.’

That sort of threat is not something you’d want to have from a person like Viktor. And according to Death, it will take nearly 5 months for Viktor to give Rudy his punishment. Oh dear, what is this going to do to Rudy?


AWESOME MORE SKETCHES FROM MAX!!!!!!! Even though it isn’t a story as such, they are good! Max you are a funny guy aren’t you, with a little bit of sadistic humour! You don’t deserve this! Also the sun with a Nazi symbol, is a nice touch, very poetic. But unfortunately Liesel is a little young, and is scared by the pictures she sees. I mean that second picture, is a tad frightening, I mean they are standing on a massive pile of bodies, saying ‘Isn’t it a lovely day…’ I get that it is scary, which is why Max wanted to wait for Liesel to be older. I hope this doesn’t ruin their friendship, because it was just getting good and happy!


Also I’ve cracked the 200 views mark, which I am quite pleased about, so thankyou yet again!


One thought on “The Book Thief – Part Five – The Losers

  1. That is impressive about cracking 200 views. I’m not sure if I have ever managed that.

    I have to nitpick in that the swastika was not specifically a Nazi symbol, but yes, the sketches are very strange black comedy and I’m struggling with how to review that chapter.

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