The Book Thief – Part Five – The Whistler and the Shoes

The Whistler and the Shoes

It’s good to have some sort of normalcy, during times of war, it is actually surprising how normal everything sounds.Sure there is like rations, but we haven’t had any air raids, or bombs or enemy forces (or ‘friendly’ forces) marching up/down the street. And it doesn’t even sound like, from the eyes of Liesel that they have really been recruiting or anything. Sounds very un-war like, but I guess it isn’t really about the war, and it is through the eyes of Liesel so she doesn’t see everything that is going on, and maybe we are just in the early stages of the war, because I have no idea what year we are actually in, oh wait yes I do, it is like 1941, I guess we are only really two years, into the war, and I’m sure things only really heated up later in the war, which might not be a good indication of things to come.

OH NO!!!!! He was doing drills and things in MANURE! Why were they manuring the field, and then using it. I’m surprised, again, that they actually had manure to spare, I would have thought all the farmers were using it to make more food to ‘support the troops’ or something, but obvious they have plenty. That Deutscher is nearly as evil as Viktor Chemmel! What sort of win? Of course. They return to stealing. WHY? Don’t they even feel bad? Like seriously, where are their morals and consciences? What are they planning on stealing? What can they steal ‘back’?

At least they are having trouble thinking of something. Don’t even try to steal from Frau Diller! I’m sure Rudy, you said it yourself, that it was crazy! At least they didn’t do that. But now I am more concerned because it sounds like Liesel is trying to get revenge on someone, and the only person that could be would be they mayor’s wife. What are they going to steal? Her books? Oh dear, they are going there! Why is the window closed? This is strange? The mayor’s wife isn’t dead is she? Or maybe she is better and doesn’t want to freeze? Or maybe they had to move houses, to look like they were doing their bit. I DON’T KNOW!

But now Liesel and Rudy keep coming back, and this time it is open. But she only wants to get the book back which she threw back in the mayor’s wife’s face (not literally). So it is her own fault, and she doesn’t even deserve the book now! Liesel just grab the book and get out of there, you are risking too much, who cares about food and cigarettes. IN fact just leave, they will surely notice the book being missing, you have a chance to leave so GO GO GO. But the book is not where it used to be, so Liesel is screwed, as someone is coming downstairs! But she grabbed the book and climbed out of the windows.

Rudy can see straight through Liesel, which is a good thing! BUT HE FORGOT HER SHOES. And now the mayor is probably out there and sees the shows and is like moved them, so Liesel has no shoes and then she will be punished by Rosa, oh dear! OH NO, Rudy is probably caught or like dead or something (but that can’t happen it isn’t the right time, because Death has already spoiled that for us, I swear there are a number of places where you could think Rudy was going to die or would die because of this, but as yet, I don’t think they are relevant.)! HE GOT THE SHOES, and nearly died but didn’t!

Yeah that is so right! When you complain about yourself/friends/family it is okay, but when someone else does it, it isn’t acceptable. Probably because you feel like you have to defend them, and that if someone else thinks it it makes it true and is a criticism, when coming from you who loves them, it isn’t.

Rudy calls her a BOOK THIEF this is so connected to the title, isn’t it? And no that was not serious, but still, it is nice that her title is official now. How many more books can she steal? I mean we are now nearly 55% through the book, isn’t it getting a little old stealing books? At least the method and situation has changed, but will it get old, even though the title clearly states what the book is about. I dunno, we’ll find out!


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