The Book Thief – Part Five – Three Acts of Stupidity by Rudy Steiner

Three Acts of Stupidity by Rudy Steiner

Rudy Steiner, Pure Genius (LOL SARCASM)

1. He stole the biggest potato from Mamer’s, the local grocer.

2. Taking on Franz Deutscher on Munich Street.

3. Skipping the Hitler Youth meetings altogether.

The only point I find stupid, is number one. All the others make sense why you would do them, I mean Franz Deutscher deserves whatever he gets, and Hitler Youth, well there is the fact that is all about being a NAZI! But why steal a potato, let along the biggest potato? From a store? Why don’t you get some brains and figure out that stealing is BAD, also stop being so greedy, there are people way worse off than you! Rant at Rudy over.

Stealing the potato when like everyone was looking at it was such a bad idea, but why did everyone start yelling and whatnot when Rudy just grabbed it, did he try and hide it and that is why they reacted? Or is he not allowed to touch vegetables? It seriously sounds like Rudy just isn’t allowed to touch potatoes or something. But Rudy is quite quick to try and invent a story, even though Mamer sees through this and provides a nice joke, ‘And you plan to dress her with a potato?’ Mamer have you never worn a potato, gosh! What are points? Are they the food coupon things, that you use to buy food because everyone is ‘rationed’. I am so confused, he didn’t even try and leave or anything, he just picked it up, and everyone thinks he was stealing it (which he was) but can’t he touch it. And now Mamer wants to get the police involved, why don’t you just say ‘leave and never come back!’ or something. Maybe Rudy should have said that he was just looking at the potato because it was so huge, and he picked it up to see how heavy it was, would that be acceptable?

I am mildly surprised that there is a male teacher, even today they are a rare breed, but I thought back then females were only allowed to be nurses and teachers, so why would there be a man, unless he was like the headmaster (cause women couldn’t have power or something…). And playing the ‘poor’ card is just pathetic. Oh I’m poor so forgive me stealing from you. Really? Rudy you didn’t have to do it, and you frankly should pay the price, even though you just picked it up. Are there a limited number of names in Germany, because a lot of names seem to pop up frequently for a number of characters, usually in a book they would be different to make sure you don’t get confused, but clearly Zusak has decided that he wants like two Herrs, a couple of Fraus and other names I don’t even remember. Now the teacher is even lying to help Rudy, he must be a nice man to do such a thing. But Mamer is correct that just because his family is doing it tough does not mean he should be able to steal potatoes (especially the biggest one). Add another Frau to that list!

Mamer you have done a good thing, I hope Rudy learns from his lesson and they don’t try and steal anything EVER AGAIN!

I wonder if Rudy is getting extra fit from all these extra drills that he has to do. Like he must be quite strong doing all those pushups and he can run for quite a while with all those laps. Which is a thing that a lot of kids today really couldn’t do. Probably half the kids at school couldn’t run a kilometre, most would probably struggle, I know I probably would, because I HATE running, short distances are good, I just find it so boring! Obviously Franz doesn’t know that using such techniques and adding stress and punishment doesn’t aid learning!

What the hell was Rudy thinking! HE THREW A ROCK AT FRANZ! I don’t care how big a prat he is, you don’t throw rocks at people, EVER! Violence and retaliation solve NOTHING! Rudy you are becoming increasingly frustrating. I nearly feel like you deserve the beating, even though at the same time I think poor Rudy, don’t kill him! Zusak you are really making me have conflicting emotions! A large crowd that contained who exactly? Were they children egging on the fight, or were they adults who really should have stepped in?

FRANZ HAS A KNIFE! HE HAS A KNIFE AND BECAUSE OF SOME GUY PRACTICALLY EGGING HIM ON HE IS USING IT ON RUDY! Rudy you are an idiot, but now I hope FRANZ DIES!!!!!!!!! Okay I thought Franz would like stab Rudy, but he cut his hair, which is kinda humiliating and annoying, but no where as near as bad as it could have been.

And now I think good on Rudy for skipping stupid Hitler Youth. I didn’t even think it was mandatory, but obviously it is. The Steiners would have received a fine if Rudy didn’t go, good thing a different ‘division’ was available. But seriously they could not afford a fine, they are poor enough as it is. But now a good thing happens and he is the ‘Flieger Division’ where he learns about planes. Which is one piece of good news, and now he doesn’t have to see Franz again! I wonder what Rudy’s mum said about his haircut, wouldn’t they be a little suspicious he suddenly he came home with different hair?


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