The Book Thief – Part Five – The Floating Book (Part II)

The Floating Book (Part II)

Franz Deutscher please go die, you are making Rudy fearful and scared, and enough so that he will go out of his way to avoid you, so why don’t you just grow up and be nice or go die OR you should volunteer in the army or something and get shot cause you are terrible! Gah, why do fictional characters have to be so annoying sometimes. WHAT! Rudy tries to avoid Deutscher, and then ends up running into Viktor Chemmel, who is even more evil, and should also go die or something! VIKTOR IF YOU THROW THAT BOOK INTO THE WATER OR DESTROY YOU SHALL HAVE ALL OF MY RAGE THROWN UPON YOU, AND IT WILL MAKE YOU DIE A MILLION HORRIBLE DEATHS!!!!!!!!


Like seriously I think I would feel so amazing if Viktor suddenly combusted, it would really make me so happy, so Viktor and Franz I hope you both die, and that we get to know that you die, so I know you die, and then I can be happy and everything in the world can be good again!

Rudy you are amazing, I sorta forgive you for trying to steal and stuff, you braved freezing water to collect the water sodden book for Liesel, even if all you want is a kiss. Why exactly would you want to stay in freezing water for any longer than you had to? I mean I like the cold, but seeing I live in Australia, it doesn’t get that cold, so I have no idea what a ‘real’ winter is like, and yet I don’t get why would would willingly spend time in a freezing river.

Te Frozen Motives of Rudy Steiner

1. After months of failure, this moment was his only chance to revel in some victory.

2. Such a position of selflessness was a good place to ask Liesel for the usual favour. How could she possibly turn him down?

Death you make such a happy moment and then make it so sad, you just had to remind us that Rudy would go without a kiss from Liesel until his grave. Thanks, thanks a lot Death (and you too Zusak)!

Part Five is now finished! I refuse to read the little ‘chapter title’ thing at the beginning of each of the parts, because I’d prefer to not know what exactly was coming, especially so nothing is like triggered and then I remember the whole book, which hasn’t happened and is amazing!


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