The Book Thief – Part Six – Fresh Air, an Old Nightmare, and What to Do with a Jewish Corpse

Fresh Air, an Old Nightmare, and What to Do with a Jewish Corpse

This concerns me greatly, ‘what to do with a Jewish corpse’, Max isn’t dead is he? HE CAN’T BE DEAD!!! And if he is that is such a spoiler! Liesel are you seriously considering stealing another book from the mayor? You can’t get away with it twice! If you really want a book go up there an ask them if you can have one, don’t keep stealing things! Seriously STOP stealing things!

Rudy why would you even think that you going in would be a good idea, you don’t even know what the room looks like and you wouldn’t be able to pick out a good book. And the window is still open even though it is only a few degrees above zero and raining? I know she used to keep it open all the time, but isn’t it a little convenient, and what happens if she or the mayor is in there? Would you just say, ‘oops wrong house!’ and run away? Yes you should all leave and never think of stealing things ever again! And Rudy if you steal food from their house, they are going to notice, and fix their security problem.

Liesel I know it must be annoying not having books to read, and having read them all many times, I’ve been in a similar situation, and it can be annoying because you want to read, but you can’t be bothered reading any book you actually have. And I know you can’t just go and buy a book or borrow one from a library, but do you have to steal from someone. Did stealing not mean as much back then, because to me, stealing something physically is just WRONG and I would never do it, or even think of doing it, so why is stealing such a ‘normal’ thing for them. Was it because times were tough, or just because things were different back then? ButDream Carrier sounds like a good name for a book.

A Small Suggestion

Or maybe there was a woman on Grande Strasse who now kept her library window open for another reason – but that’s just me being cynical, or hopeful. Or both.

I think it is a bit hopeful, but I hope Liesel has the mayor’s wife’s blessing, cause then it would be alright, I guess. She is going to finish the book quickly, and then what? I wonder if Max will actually remember any words or stories he heard while he was in the ‘coma'(?) thing that he currently is in. What exactly is wrong with him?

The Contents of Mama’s Voice

What if he doesn’t wake up? What if he dies here, Hansie? Tell me. What in God’s name will we do with the body? We can’t leave him here, the smell will kill us… and we can’t carry him out the door and drag him up the street, either. we can’t just say, ‘You’ll never guess what we found in our basement this morning …’ They’ll put us away for good.

She has a brilliant point, one that was brought up earlier, but is getting realer and realer. What could they possibly do if he died? What would you do? Of course The Dream Carrier is like completely different from The Whistler that is some good luck, it is nice to read something drastically different every now and then.

One Small Image

For the most part, all is identical. The train moves at the same speed. Copiously, her brother coughs. This time, however,Liesel cannot see his face watching the floor. Slowly, she leans over. Her hand lifts him gently, from his chin, and there in front of her is the wide-eyed face of Max Vandenburg. He stares at her. A feather drops to the floor. The body is bigger now, matching the size of the face. The train screams.

Well that is not at all a great transition in her nightmare. Now she thinks Max is basically dead, I wonder if this dream will continue, and what happens if he gets better, does the dream change back, or will she finally have no more nightmares. HE WAKES UP IN EIGHT DAYS! At least he is going to wake up!

I have to laugh that Rosa is a legend around the school, and everyone is so shocked to see her, even the teacher was afraid, Rosa certainly has a formidable reputation! Rosa is so smart and cunning, she knows everyone will think it unusual that she is here, but if she shouts at Liesel like she normally does, no one will be suspicious! MAX IS ALIVE AND HE CAN TALK AND LIKES ALL OF THE PRESENTS!!!

It is so good to know that Max is not dead, and that Liesel doesn’t have to go through him dying, and can talk to him again and have fun! I think his irrational fear of going to sleep is a bit much, sure he doesn’t want to go through that again, but going to sleep has to happen, and he shouldn’t be forced to wake up, hopefully he gets over this quickly. Death you can never let us have a happy moment can you! We just have to be told that the bombs are coming, and you are coming with them! Things are heating up!


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