The Book Thief – Part Six – Death’s Diary: Cologne

Death’s Diary: Cologne

Zusak once again I cannot stress how amazing you are! Every word has a purpose, and together they are art, it is authors like you that make me want to read!

This is so haunting, and macabre, and it completely obliterates my thinking that these are German people who were the enemy and that the ‘good guys’, the Allies, were those who bombed them. I think that this is part of Zusak’s message. He is really making us think that war isn’t about the ‘good versus evil’ and that innocent people, like you and me, are killed. People’s lives are destroyed and made a living hell, all because of war. Germany as a whole wasn’t the ‘enemy’, not everyone agreed or knew what was going on, the innocent people weren’t fighting us and yet they died. I just really like that this is addressed, and actually is working, because normally I would think Germany were the enemy so they ‘deserved’ it, but these people didn’t deserve to die, didn’t deserve to have their homes destroyed, their loved ones lost, their friends blown up in front of their lives. The real enemy is WAR, even the soldiers didn’t deserve to die, they were doing what they were told to do, and what they thought would protect their loved ones, and if that meant killing a Nazi/Ally well they would do it. Hitler deserved what he got, no question, and the people who committed war crimes, they too should be punished, severely. But it must not be forgotten that everyone is human, and we are all fighting for what matters most to us.

The kids collecting the used fuel tanks is an interesting touch, at first I was very concerned to what they were, and with good reason (Hunger Games anyone…?), but they were harmless. Interesting thing to show their kids, when they have them, I collected this as a child, they would say, and hopefully they would be able to talk about the horrors of the war that they went through, and their memories would be preserved. It is concerning to think how many stories and memories are being lost and ignored, that come from the older generations, their stories are great lessons to us all, and when we have the chance we should all stop and listen to them! They have a value that too many of us just don’t understand.


3 thoughts on “The Book Thief – Part Six – Death’s Diary: Cologne

      1. Thank you Michael and Jacquelyn for your thoughts. This is a blog, so in reality it is about myself, and writing things for others to read. I’m not doing this to be ‘famous’ or to ‘change the world’, I’m doing this because I want to, and so I can share my thoughts and journey to others that might be interested. If anyone is going to read this or care, I don’t know. Sure I’d like people to read this, and it appears that somebody has by your comments, but if they don’t, I won’t be too fussed. People might not like what I write or how I write either, and that’s okay because everyone is entitled to their own opinion about things, and I admit that what I write isn’t the best or most interesting, but I hope that a few people are interested, and that somebody values my thoughts. I was not aware that someone could reply to a comment that hadn’t been approved yet, so I have learnt something new. I also didn’t know that three ‘separate people’ could have the exact same IP address, what a coincidence! Thank you for taking the time to read my post and take the effort to comment, I appreciate it.

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