The Book Thief – Part Six – The Visitor, ​The Schmunzeller and ​Death’s Diary: The Parisians

The Visitor

I wonder how long it actually took for them to find a new ball, if it was a while what did they do in the meantime? Did they do nothing, or did they find some other game to play? And the Nazi Party are searching everyone’s home to see if their basements could be used as air raid shelters. AND OMG I JUST REALISED THAT MAX IS IN THE BASEMENT AND THEY ARE GOING TO GO DOWN THERE AND FIND HIM, BECAUSE THEY DON’T KNOW THAT THEY ARE COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think it is interesting that this probably serves two purposes. One they can find air raid shelters, so that in future raids everyone doesn’t die, which is nice of the Nazi Party, isn’t it. And secondly everyone’s homes are inspected to make sure nothing out of the ordinary, LIKE JEWS IN THE BASEMENT, is going on.

Liesel quickly warn Max and Hans and everyone, without being suspicious, how can she do that…?


Luftschutzraum: air-raid shelter.

What was Liesel thinking, running into a boy and getting injured. Is she hoping to say I’ll just go home and get fixed up? But this Nazi guy is probably going to take her home or something, and find Max! So now Rudy is going to get Hans, what purpose will this serve? That sentence just doesn’t have one meaning, does it? ‘I was wondering when this would happen.’ He was so not talking about Liesel being injured. HOLD ON, does Herr mean an equivalent of Mr. and Frau mean the equivalent of Mrs. this changes everything! And it makes much more sense than like 50 people having the same name.

But really what can they do to hide Max? Anyway, they had no time, the inspection is happening NOW! I wonder if they warned Max. The Party are so nice aren’t they? ‘Open up!’ can’t they just be nice and wait until someone opens the door. Good plan Hans, doing nothing is sometimes the best thing to do, because having what seems a good plan, can easily backfire. Also Max might be able to hide in plain sight a bit, but let’s just hope.

Hopefully since the man helped Liesel, he won’t be so ruthless and will not look to closely at everything. Oh dear, he is going down there! At least they had time to warn Max. I wonder what he will find. I can’t even imagine how stressful that would be for the four of them.

The Longest Three Minutes in Hubermann History

Papa sat at the table. Rosa prayed in the corner, mouthing the words. Liesel was cooked: her knee, her chest, the muscles in her arms. I doubt any of them had the audacity to consider what they’d do if the basement was appointed as a shelter. They had to survive the inspection first.

Oh my, I didn’t even think what would happen if they actually passed the test, they couldn’t do anything, everything would be over! Really good thing that Max can be silent, hopefully he doesn’t have to sneeze or cough or yawn, that would just be terrible luck. The basement is too shallow!! Which means that they can’t survive in it, which I believe was mentioned way back in the beginning, and kinda brings a difficult point, what is Max going to do if there is a raid? He has to stay in the house. Imagine what would happen if they house was destroyed, Max killed, and then they found his body, that would not be good! Those were some tense moments and I’d hazard a guess that there are more to come!

The Schmunzeller {I have no clue what this word could possibly mean, I think it sounds cool though!}

Whose at the door now, they just survived one person, could they possibly go through it again! But it is only Rudy, coming to check on Liesel, so nice of him, I bet he expects a kiss. It is good that they bring up the issue of their own stealing, and how it makes them all on edge about being caught, maybe they will think twice about stealing. Liesel probably smells of fear, not being a ‘criminal’ though in more ways than one she is, and being a criminal and being close to getting caught, may make you smell terrible. I wonder where Rudy and Liesel’s relationship/adventures will take them to next?

Death’s Diary: The Parisians {Three chapters in one review, have I done that before for The Book Thief ?}

‘The sky was the colour of Jews.’ There is a sentence you don’t hear too often! And we return to the horrors of the Holocaust! This is really one of the worst things that mankind has ever done. Why are we so obsessed with killing each other and being stronger than the other guy? It is really strange how people can do this to other people. I could never imagine, what would make me kill another human being, let alone hundreds. And let alone through such a cruel way as gassing them in ‘showers’, that is just brutal, many didn’t see it coming. How could anyone do that? How did the soldiers at the time go through with it. Was it just because they were ‘taking orders’ or did they derive some sort of sadistic pleasure from it? I know that in war things happen that others do not understand if they haven’t gone through it, and many of the men who killed all these people were just taking orders, and they had to somehow desensitise themselves to it all, and they were (almost) just as much of a victim as those that they killed. Of course they survived, but they had to live with what they had done.

‘Even the clouds tried to look the other way’ this is a great example of what Zusak does so well, metaphors and personification, he does it so amazingly. But the last line of the chapter, that was strong!, emotional, touching and a billion more adjectives, but I have nothing more to say.

‘They were French, they were Jews, and they were you.’



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