The Book Thief – Part Seven – The Sound of Sirens

The Sound of Sirens

Oh dear, we are now beginning the intensity! Smart thinking Hans! Good idea to know whether to evacuate even before the sirens go off, but does that mean that you have to have the radio on ALL NIGHT? Because you would hope that there was no static or other noises going on from the radio, otherwise you wouldn’t really sleep. But on the night they actually needed it, they didn’t hear it, so the sirens woke them up, you’d really hope that you weren’t a deep sleeper otherwise you would not have a clue what was going on. I’m quite curious, how exactly did they know which towns were going to be targeted? Was it just because the planes were flying in the general direction or did they have a clue what was going on, or something else? I think the worst thing about this all, is that Max is left alone, wondering if they will get back (though they are ‘safer’ than he is, anything could happen) and the rest of the family leave and have to wonder and wait until they find out if Max survived, it would not be fun at all. I cannot imagine the terror and fear that would go on during the air raid, hopefully I never have to.

It’s nice that they had to discuss whether they would stay in their own basement or leave Max, shows just how much they care. How long do you have once the sirens start? Do you have mere minutes, or tens of minutes? Liesel how on earth can you be carrying all of your books, including the dictionary, wouldn’t that be heavy? How long do you have to stay in the basement? Would it go on for hours, or would they know quickly when the raid was over. I cannot imagine this at all.

The Hitlist

1. Frau Holtzapfel.

2. Mr Fiedler.

3. The young man.

4. Rosa Hubermann.

Who is this young man, and how come Liesel doesn’t know him, I thought she would know most people, if not all, that lived in Molching. And does he have family, and why is he so afraid? Oh wait, Liesel does know him, so never mind. What can you even do to pass the time? Nothing probably, so time would slow down, and minutes would just feel like hours, it would be pure torture.

Duden Dictionary Meaning #3

Angst – fear: an unpleasant, often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger. Related words: terror, horror, panic, fright, alarm.

I have no clue what I would try to do to make time go faster. Those answers to those questions, are very tempting to try and find. But it is only opinion that can decide whether one person should die or not. I don’t think anyone deserves to die, death is too final, too major, for someone to ‘deserve it’. Even when people do terrible things, there are (usually) reasons behind them, and sometimes they really cannot be blamed, even though they did a horrific thing, that they shouldn’t have done. Morals and ethics and justice are really hard to comprehend and figure out. The value of one person’s life is just as hard. I saw a really fascinating youtube video on this, it was by Havard (here it is here: there is a whole series of videos, but the first one is more relevant (though I haven’t seen most of them). And it asks the question of whether you had the power/chance to save on persons life (who was going to be killed) in exchange for killing five others (who originally weren’t) would you do it. And it goes deeper and poses more questions, but it’s essentially the same, asking who deserves to live and who deserves to die. So if you have the chance, check them out!

Death you raise a good point, that at least these Germans have a chance to live, whilst the Jews were lead to a ‘shower’ and killed, without any chance of survival at all. I really wonder how many Germans knew what was going on. And they all survived this first raid, without a single bomb being dropped near them, but I’m sure there are many more to come.

Max you break my heart! You apologise for taking a look at the outside world, and you saw the stars for the first time in a LONG time. There is nothing to apologise about, nothing! I know for certain that you don’t deserve to die! I wonder if they will be so lucky the next time, probably not.


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