The Book Thief – Part Seven – The Sky Stealer and Frau Holtzapfel’s Offer

The Sky Stealer

So that first raid, wasn’t even a raid at all, and that was why the radio didn’t make a noise. It was just an overexcited operator, I bet he no longer has a job! But it would be even worse if he DIDN’T raise the alarm, and planes DID come, now that would be catastrophic! So their first raid is much like the last, if not worse. I don’t think this is the sort of thing that gets easier over time, because you would start to think how many you could possibly go through before your luck ran out. Liesel you are a genius! That is something to do in the basement, read aloud to everyone, calm their fears, and make everyone quiet. I think this is the best thing that they could do, better than just sitting there in fear.

A Nice Thought

One was a book thief.

The other stole the sky.

That is an interesting comparison, but Max hardly ‘stole the sky’, he just wanted to take a look. Even when they were safe and were going to go home, they all had to finish the chapter!

Duden Dictionary Meaning #4

Wort – word: a meaningful unit of language\ a promise \ a short remark, statement or conversation. Related words: term, name, expression.

They had made their way through the first chapter. I wonder if they will complete the book over the numerous raids to come. I think that each of these chapters really seem to end on a sad/depressing now, unlike many books who might finish on a happy note, or a climatic moment which makes you want to read on (which can be too annoying as you just can’t put the book down at the end of a chapter, which is the best spot to do so). I mean the book isn’t designed to be ‘happy’, and there are clear moments of joy and happiness, but Death (could I say that Death=Zusak?) always pulls us back down and sobers up these happy thoughts.

Frau Holtzapfel’s Offer {I thought that actually said … Office, which made me remember a different scene, which must be coming up soon, but more on that when we get there}

No-one died in the raid, I think that is a successful raid, if I say so. But Rudy’s favourite field was destroyed with a massive crater in it, that would take some effort to fix. I think the emphasis should be placed on almost, they ‘almost returned to normal’, but of course things can’t stay that way forever.

The Dual Events of October

1. The hands of Frau Holtzapfel.

2. The parade of Jews.

That second one sounds the more horrific and impactful, but I guess we don’t know what Frau Holtzapfel (I have to say that that is an effort to type!) is up to. But we don’t have to wait long to see what she wants.

Duden Dictionary Meaning #5 (We can’t have a chapter without one!)

Gelegenheit – opportunity: a chance for advancement or progress. Related Words: prospect, opening, break.

Frau Holtzapfel has an offer for Rosa. Correction for Liesel! So she wants Liesel to come to her house and read the rest of the book to her, as there haven’t been any raids recently for the story to continue (It reminds me a bit of To Kill a Mockingbird when Jem has to read to old Ms Dubose, more on TKM in a forthcoming post!) and in exchange she will stop spitting on their door AND give them her coffee ration. Which is an interesting proposal, but Rosa always drives a hard bargain and demands some flour, but that is not possible. Of course Liesel got no say in this, so she is forced to go and read to her twice a week, starting NOW.

Ah, Liesel if this is your only punishment, I would take it with both arms wide open, it could be worse, a lot worse. It took her forty-five minutes to read one chapter (I know it takes a while to read aloud, but that is a LONG time, the chapter must be a long one!). And again at the end of the chapter we are reminded of the horrors of World War Two, the Jews will be coming, and they are going to Dachau, ‘to concentrate’. That word just sends shivers down my spine, and really makes me cringe.

Not too long until Part Eight is finished actually, there may only be around 20 posts left until it is all over! Time really does go fast! And today I just passed 100 for February, and there is still a week left! So I must say once again Thankyou!



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