The Book Thief – Part Seven – The Long Walk to Dachau

The Long Walk to Dachau (this chapter is going to be intense)

Woops I thought it was Liesel talking not Death, so I was quite surprised when he (she) went into the truck and found the dead man. Jeez these soldiers are despicable aren’t they, the Jews are PEOPLE they are not rats, they are not filthy, how can you dehumanise them so easily? Do you not have any human emotions, and no sympathy. To be honest you could have so easily been in their place, and them in yours, so don’t think that you are so important, and special, when things could easily be the other way. Also the way some of you are acting and behaving, almost makes me think that YOU are the ones that deserve this treatment, almost. Look at me getting fired up at fictional characters from a book, even though though it did happen in real life, I’m more angry at these specific characters, because I don’t even want to imagine this terrible treatment occurring in real life.

Why do all the children have to be put through such a harrowing experience. They should not have to see hundreds of Jews who are tired, hungry and filthy (from not being able to wash) and why do the soldiers think that it is a good idea. I would hope that everyone was so repulsed by what the Germans were doing that they would rise up and take on the Nazis, but that is way too hopeful.

Duden Dictionary Meaning #6

Elend – misery: great suffering, unhappiness and distress. Related words: anguish, torment, despair, wretchedness, desolation.

It’s just terrible and sickening parading the Jews and criminals through the streets, how can they justify doing this, and how can everyone else think that it is okay for them to do this? It just makes it worse that the soldiers taunt and punish them, even though some of the soldiers are hardly more than boys, how would they be able to live with this memory many years later? Like do these soldiers not know lessons, did their parents teach them nothing? You don’t hurt an old man, especially if you are doing it because he can’t keep up, which he is doing it because he is old and hungry and tired.

What is Hans doing? It is honourable, but very, very stupid! Hans gave the man bread! If anything though it was made worse, the Jew was whipped six times. Seriously who whips people, I thought that finished when there were no more slaves, or even before then when the Greeks or Romans or Egyptians fell from power. What is wrong with these people, I don’t get humans anymore, how can we do these things to people just like us? Then Hans was whipped. And now he is branded a Jew-lover. And it is now, more than ever, possible that they will come and find Max, and then they will be caught and even more punishment will be dished out.

Can all these people go die in a massive fire, they DO NOT deserve to live, they are terrible human beings, it is people like them (must keep reminding myself that these are fictional characters we are talking about specifically, but it happened so it is real) that deserve to die. I keep changing my mind about whether anyone deserves to die. But if anyone does, it is people like them that torture, rape, whip, ridicule, dehumanise, harass, humiliate, abuse, corrupt, discriminate, stalk, tease, taunt, terrorise, isolate, criticise,  bully, torment, oppress, slander, kill, punish, be prejudiced, racist, sexist, abelist, ageist, clasist, homophobic, and about a billion other words and forms of abuse/oppression that I can’t even begin to think of to innocent people, some of these things can be justified, like criticism, but if it is unfair and unjust, who really are closest to ‘deserving’ death. But most of those things are inexcusable, you should not hurt someone, and you should not demoralise someone. We all have done someone on that list, possibly without knowing it. Our words and actions have consequences, and they can hurt someone, even if they don’t show it, or tell us. We can only be responsible for one thing. Our own actions and words. I’m not saying that if you do one thing on the list you are a terrible person and you should die. You just have to be aware of what you do, and that the possibility that what you are doing is causing someone else grief and pain and hurt. The people that come closest to ‘deserving’ to die, are the ones who do these things without remorse, without emotion, without regret, without considering what they are doing. The world is what we make it and what we choose it to be.


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