The Book Thief – Part Seven – Peace and The Idiot and the Coat Men


Max is leaving?!? Max has left! I did not expect this at all, I’ve read the book before and this has still completely surprised me. What is going to happen to him? Will we hear from him again? Where is he going?

Duden Dictionary Meaning #7

Schweigen – silence: the absence of sound or noise. Related words: quiet, calmness, peace.

He will meet Hans in four days, if all goes well, but then what? What was supposed to happen, would he come home? Was it because they thought the Gestapo would come and investigate? When Hans arrived, all he found was a note under a rock.

The Last Words of Max Vandenburg

You’ve done enough.

Max, you shouldn’t have left! What is going to happen to you? Will we hear what happens to him, I so hope so. This has seriously shocked me, I didn’t see this coming at all! Silence does not equal quiet (well it actually does) or calm, and most definitely not peace.

The Idiot and the Coat Men

Who is the idiot? Oh Hans! You aren’t stupid, well it was a stupid action, but Hans you were just trying to be helpful, because you are so nice, don’t beat yourself up! I think the punishment of waiting to see if anyone would come is bad enough, also he is going to be ostracised so that is also punishment enough! Part Seven is ending on a very sad note, isn’t it. They haven’t come, because they aren’t going to! Max has kinda left for nothing, well not nothing, it was what was probably best, and let’s hope that he can survive on his own. Seriously just because he gave a Jew some bread, does not mean he ‘loves Jews’, he might but that is irrelevant, he is a lover of life and doesn’t think people should have to suffer, if anything it is the rest of you that aught to be punished!

Duden Dictionary Meaning #8

Nachtrauern – regret: sorrow filled with longing, disappointment or loss. Related words: rue, repent, mourn, grieve.

Hans you do not deserve to be eaten away by regret! I hope good things happen to you all very soon, though knowing their luck, the worst is yet to come. Well the Gestapo did come after all, nearly three weeks later, but all they did was walk past. Hans don’t make it worse, don’t try and get them to do something to you when clearly they aren’t going to, now that is stupid. I know you want to get a punishment to make Max leaving justified, but don’t do anything stupid, well anything more stupid.

But we of course must end on a cliff-hanger! The Gestapo are looking for Rudy! What could they possibly want with him? Things are certainly heating up!


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