The Book Thief – Part Eight – The Word Shaker – Dominoes and Darkness and The Thought of Rudy Naked

Part Eight – The Word Shaker

Dominoes and Darkness

Something happened to Rudy at school the other week, and he didn’t even tell Liesel or his family. It must have been serious.

A Grey Afternoon, a Small School Office

Three boys stood in a line. Their records and bodies were thoroughly examined.

That doesn’t even sound good. How many dominoes do they have, if they can actually make an intricate line of them to destroy? I think it would be so fun to do that, watching your hours of work, fall down seamlessly. It would be so frustrating though, especially if it didn’t work, or suddenly stopped. What do the Gestapo want with Rudy? Where do they want to take Rudy? Thank goodness the Steiners don’t want to send him away, otherwise who knows what would happen to him. Rudy don’t even imagine going to this ‘school’, it would not be good.

Three Possibilities

1. Alex Steiner wouldn’t have suffered the same punishment as Hans Hubermann.

2. Rudy would have gone away to school.

3. And just maybe, he would have lived.

So if Rudy had gone, these three things would happen? Or one of them? And is the punishment for Alex the whipping or the exile, or doesn’t it matter? Death you are not letting us forget that Rudy is going to die are you? If he went to this school, who knows what would have happened to him, it didn’t sound like a nice, safe, fun place, in fact it sounded like going there could lead to your death.

The Thought of Rudy Naked

Not a chapter title that is to be expected. This just sounds wrong, wrong, wrong! They are making the kids strip down, in front of two other boys, a teacher, a doctor, and some formidable nurse! It is a physical for something, but why are they doing this? Is it like a way to make sure someone isn’t secretly a Jew? Of course the Nazis are obsessed with creating an ‘advanced citizen’ of a high level of physical and mental ability. They can never just accept the way things are.

A Small Guarantee

The coat men knew who was third.

Well that makes everything more awkward, Liesel is imaging Rudy nude. You definitely have no choice, or option in Nazi Germany, you either do things their way, or well it is best if you didn’t find out what happened then.

I must admit that this is one of the parts of the story I actually remembered. And I was wondering when it would come, but I could never remember why it happened. I actually thought for some reason that they were doing it to make sure Rudy wasn’t a Jew, and Rudy didn’t want to cause he knew he was circumcised, so he had to try and cover it up or something. Looks like I was wrong about that, maybe that was something else. Wait, I believe it was to do with a different book that was based in Nazi Germany that had a similar situation, and I had just confused it with this one, but anyway. It just proves how little of this book I actually remember.


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