The Book Thief – Part Eight – The Bread Eaters

The Bread Eaters

I forget, how old is Liesel now? It is 1942 now, so how long has she been in Molching? It was such a long time ago that I started this book, I have really forgotten. Thoughts of Max had nearly evaded my mind, it was all about Hans and Mr Steiner, I wonder where Max is, and if he is even still alive. I’m actually surprised that no one has trashed the tailor’s shop that Mr Steiner owned, I would have thought that a German who didn’t bend to the Nazis rule completely would be shunned and their business destroyed, especially if now it is deserted. Liesel is still reading to Frau Holtzapfel, and it sounds that the old woman is still a little generous and kind, she gives her tea, and sometimes soup, which is better than Rosa’s, but I don’t think you’d hear Liesel tell her that!

The Jews are still occasionally paraded down the street, and Liesel was understandably torn between two mind sets. One she wanted to see Max just to know he was alive. And two if she saw Max that would mean he was caught, and no longer free. It is a tough struggle between the two thoughts. I really hope we somehow hear from him again.

The Contents of Rudy’s Bag

Six stale pieces of bread, broken into quarters.

I’m not sure exactly what they intend to do with the bread, but it probably isn’t too good. I mean obviously they plan to give the bread to the Jews, but firstly that sounds a bit harsh to them that they will have to fight for it, and secondly won’t it be dangerous for them to do this. They know what happened last time! It was brazen, but hopefully it helps the Jews, even a little bit. Liesel you are getting stupid again, you should try everything NOT to get caught, and that includes staying hidden! Oh crap, the soldiers saw them. They better hope that they can run away, I mean we know they are fast, but are the soldiers faster? What will happen if they are caught? Is there any consideration that they are children, though even in those days around the world children were punished with physical punishment. Which is just wrong wrong wrong! But I cannot deny that back then children had respect, and were less rebellious and troublesome than they are now. But is that worth the psychological trauma, probably not.

It sounded like this soldier was kind, and let Liesel go without too much trouble. How lucky! Rudy too was lucky and even got the bikes back, and some bread! These two are really careless sometimes, hopefully they start being careful, they could end up dead because of their actions.


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