The Book Thief – Part Eight – The Hidden Sketch Book and ​The Anarchist’s Suit Collection

The Hidden Sketch Book

It sounds like the town of Molching, is having pretty good luck when it comes to the air raids, which is really good, but I’d say their luck won’t last for long. And during the last raid, Liesel read again. When they returned home, Rosa had a gift for Liesel. It was Max’s sketch book.It’s good to be reminded of the good times when Max was still with them, and they had ‘fun’ in the basement, reading and painting.

The Word Shaker

A small collection of thoughts for Liesel Meminger.

It is a shame that Liesel didn’t tell Rosa that she loved her, but it is implied, so maybe it isn’t the end of the world. I think that this is a very special gift for Liesel, cause not only does it remind her of all the things that happened while Max was there, but it also shows things that only Max saw and thought.

Page 116

Liesel – I almost scribbled this story out. I thought you might be too old for such a tale, but maybe no-one is. I thought of you and your books and words, and this strange story came into my head. I hope you can find some good in it.

And then we are presented with 6 pages from Max’s book, with the words and sketches. Max you are amazing! You are already taking a dig at Hitler. And there is an amazing picture next to it of the Führer Shop, which is just genius. Oh, this is pure genius, with so much subtext and depth and symbolism, amazing! This is seriously one of the best parts of the book, I don’t know what to say about it.

So in essence, the Führer decided to take over the world through words. He planted them in the ground and giant forests were formed. Everyone in the land came to ingest these words and symbols, so much so that people needed to work to get more words from the trees, called Word Shakers. One such word shaker, Liesel, was the best, and one day she befriended a Jew, and planted a seed of friendship. This tree became the biggest, and the Führer demanded it be cut down. But no one could cut it down. An axeman decided to climb the tree and after many hours of climbing he reached Liesel. It was Max, and they both climbed down. Only then did the tree fall down. And Liesel and Max walked away.

The story is so much better than that little summary, and Max and Liesel are never named. But it is obvious. It is an amazing story, and everyone should read it. The illustrations are amazing, and they add to the story, even though they aren’t ‘masterpieces’. It has a nice message, I commend Zusak, greatly, for this!

I think Liesel was still a tad asleep when she said she knew where Max was. Unless she was referring to the tree. Because she couldn’t possibly know where he was. But I really hope we hear from him, somehow.

The Anarchist’s Suit Collection

I wonder if this has anything to do with Mr. Steiner’s suits.

35 Himmel Street, December 24

With the absence of two fathers, the Steiners have invited Rosa and Trudy Hubermann, and Liesel. When they arrive, Rudy is still in the process of explaining his clothes. He looks at Liesel and his mouth widens, but only slightly.

For a moment I had no idea who Trudy Hubermann was, I thought that Liesel changed her name or something, but then I remembered. So Liesel has decided on Christmas Eve, to steal something for Rudy, a gift, and he’ll come and choose it out. But the gift is from the tailor’s store. I’m really surprised the shop hasn’t been ransacked yet, really surprised. Rudy was getting a suit. They were so close to kissing, but they just didn’t! But at least they had a bit of fun for Christmas, in a time where that is a precious resource.

And with that Part Eight is complete, and there are less than 100 pages left! Not long now, until this is all over!



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