The Book Thief – Part Nine – The Accident and The Bitter Taste of Questions

The Accident

So we arrive at the accident that Death has been talking about for ages. Hans sat down in his usual seat, but Reinhold Zucker told him to move. He said that they were swapping seats, which is really lucky for Hans, not so much for Zucker. It is a very odd move by Reinhold, Hans clearly got that seat because he was the newest, and the back seat is the worst, so why would he want to sit there? It’s a good thing that Hans moved, otherwise he’d be the dead one.

The front tyre was punctured, and the truck rolled. Zucker didn’t survive, and for such a serious accident, and no seatbelts, it’s not surpising that someone died.

The Damage, Essen

Six men burnt by cigarettes. Two broken hands. Several broken fingers. A broken leg for Hans Hubermann. A broken neck for Reinhold Zucker, snapped almost in line with his earlobes.

That was one hell of a crash. Hans managed to survive only with a broken leg, he must be so thankful that they swapped. But I guess he feels responsible too, because if he didn’t give in Zucker would be alive. Not only is Hans alive, it looks like he will be sent back home! He will return to Munich and do a desk job, hopefully this means he can return home and be with Liesel and Rosa! Such good luck, he has now survived both wars, at least for now… We’ll see if he survives the rest of this one.

The Bitter Taste of Questions

The letter that told Rosa and Liesel that Hans was coming home must have been the most exciting letter to write and read. This is the best news for everyone! Poor Rudy though, his dad is still away, and in danger. It is a really good question though, why did Hans get to come home when Alex Steiner didn’t. I guess it is just luck. I hope he comes home too.


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