The Book Thief – Part Ten – The Book Thief – The End of the World (Part 1)

The Book Thief

OMG THIS IS THE BOOK WE ARE READING!!!! This is really the end, isn’t it?

The End of the World (Part 1)

That sounds really pleasant, doesn’t it?

The world has ended for Liesel. Death was in Molching, and the planes were dropping their bombs.

A Small, Sad Hope

No-one wanted to bomb Himmel Street. No-one would bomb a place named after the heaven, would they? Would they?

I think people would bomb anywhere that they are told to. Power over people, is really strong. Himmel Street has been decimated. WHAT! Everyone is sleeping, and has died? Everyone didn’t expect the raid? Everyone is dead? Apart for Liesel? She was working on her book, in the basement, when the bombs came. Is Death serious, everyone is dead? Or is this just to freak us out?

Passed Items, Hand to Hand

Blocks of cement and roof tiles. A piece of wall with a dripping sun painted on it. An unhappy-looking accordion, peering through its eaten case.

She is trapped in the basement, when the local LSE heard her, and started to dig her out. Seriously Liesel is the only one to survive, and Hans and Rosa’s souls have been taken by Death? I did not expect this! I thought Rudy was dying, and that was it! That was bad enough!

I thought I would read on, but this has thrown me off guard. Everyone is dead. Liesel’s words saved her life. She has lost everyone, again. I guess we are going to go back in time now, but this is shocking. I have read this book before, and I don’t even remember, EVERYONE dying! How can I not remember such a major thing? Maybe I had a traumatic experience because of it, and lost all my memory of the events. Yeah, I’ll go with that!


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