My next adventure

The next book I have decided to read is controversial to say the least. But after reading The Book Thief and having it mentioned frequently, I am curious and intrigued. It is not going to be easy, it probably won’t be enjoyable or fun. It will be serious, frustrating, and I may not even be able to finish the book (no it is not ‘Twilight’). I have no idea what will come from it, but I hope that I will gain a understanding that is only possible by reading this book. The book I am talking about is Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler. I have no idea what the book is really about, but I expect it to be highly biased, prejudicial, racist and probably utter filth. I don’t know if anyone will be interested in the journey or will want to read along, but I decided that it would be a interesting journey and something that is very different.

It will be challenging, and I’m not promising to stick to any schedule as such. I will attempt, attempt, to do one chapter a day, this may not be possible, as really this will be the first book that has real chapters. And it will probably be dry, heavy reading. But I think it will be a journey like no other. I didn’t want to even write it in the title, lest someone be disgusted and uninterested.

The first post, tomorrow, will attempt to cover the 61 page introduction, not even kidding. Such an introduction must clearly deserve its own entry, or entries. The copy that I have borrowed from a library (I wouldn’t pay money for this, even if it does go to the translator and introductionist and publisher, etc.) is translated by Ralph Manheim, which is important, as each translation would be different since it would have been written in German. The introduction is by D.C. Watt.

Mein Kampf means ‘My Struggle’ in English, which I will be interested to see how it plays a role in the text. Obviously it isn’t fiction, this is non-fiction. Something not many of us read too often, myself included. And I don’t even read biographies or autobiography very much, but we shall see how things go… It is a long book, over 600 pages in length plus introduction, so this might take a while.


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