Mein Kampf – Years of Study and Suffering in Vienna (concluded)

 Years of Study and Suffering in Vienna (concluded)

‘By the turn of the century, the trade0union movement had ceased to serve its former function.’ Am I more confused about this sentence than I need to be? Is he referring to the turn into 1900 or was he actually meaning a ‘decade’ making it 1910, because why would he be going back in time, century just doesn’t quite sound right. I really wonder what it would be like to read this in German, I bet that it would make a lot more sense, and have a lot more power than a translation would because it would be his actual words. Pity I don’t know any German, and to understand a book, especially one so complex, I would need a really good grasp on German.

Trade unions do often ask and petition for something that isn’t viable and possible, whether it is quite higher wages or conditions that just wouldn’t be economically possible, but they do this because it gives them room to move because their main aim is often much lower, and they will accept a lower offer (just like a lawyer would). You don’t start by giving the exact figure you want and work your way down, you always start with something that probably won’t be possible, and try and find a middle group, because neither party would given in and reveal their lowest or highest point where they would accept. It does not mean that they are ‘terrorising the community’ or a being ‘destructive’ to the state, they are doing their job and raising the concerns of their area, which would otherwise be unheard.

Hitler seems quite ‘obsessed’ with understanding the Social Democrats, probably in an attempt to solidly know his enemy, and use his knowledge against them, but it sounds a bit ‘too far’. And he talks about how confusing and lacking of substance many of their documents and literature was, when his own literature (THIS BOOK) is rambling, confusing, ‘hodgepodge’ and ‘meaningless’. And again he talks that he was overcome by ‘fear’ because of all the ‘hate and egotism’ that was in the literature of the social democrats, when he is probably the biggest insight or hate and violence EVER and a massive egotist that whatever he was reading cannot compare to what he produced!

I really do not understand why Hitler hated the Jews so much, I might learn a bit about it right now, but even the idea just doesn’t make sense, when he isn’t being religious (well his main motivation isn’t one of religion, I think). I don’t see why he could even think that because someone was Jewish they weren’t German, or that they weren’t worthy of being German, to be honest if someone thinks like that (and was German) THEY aren’t worthy of being German! ‘Strange religion’? I didn’t think that it was ‘strange’ and if you really think about it all religions are ‘strange’ especially if you don’t understand them or aren’t used to them. Interestingly Hitler at first found the anti-Semitic views of the Viennese press to be ‘unworthy of the cultural tradition of a great nation’ which is probably the only thing in this book that that makes sense, though he might have some sort of way to twist this idea around into something that is plain lunacy. It is quite ironic that he wasn’t ‘in agreement with the sharp anti-Semitic tone’ from one of the newspapers, but these words did give him food for thought, which is probably where his own anti-Semitic thoughts began.

I’m interested that Hitler didn’t try to cover up the fact that he wasn’t always in favour of anti-Semitism, I would have thought that trying to show that he has always, and will always be anti-Semitic would be ‘better’, but the truth is nice. It still seems like for a long while he struggled with ‘the Jewish question’ and wasn’t attracted to anti-Semitism, which to be honest is quite interesting, and he even found some of the arguments made to be groundless and ridiculous. But he quickly found that Vienna was filled with Jews and he began to think that everyone was Jewish and that the city no longer looked ‘German’. But what is quite sad is that I have heard this type of talk in recent times, in relation to the ‘invasion of Muslims’. In Australia, there has been many times that we are being filled with ‘Asians and Arabs and Muslims and Africans’ that we are no longer ‘Australian’, and we are touted as being ‘multicultural’ and many of us are inclusive and welcoming, but there are always a few that just haven’t seemed to learn that being racist bigots is not right, and no longer has a place in the world. I wonder if one day people won’t care what others look like, where they come from and what religion they follow, because these things don’t matter.

What pushed Hitler towards anti-Semitism was the ‘Zionists’ who didn’t quite look German, and maintained their Jewish dress and practises. To be honest that is a very decisive issue. Should an immigrant be forced to ‘assimilate’ into their new country’s culture and community? Some did not really have a choice of where they ended up, like refugees, and of course you don’t want to force people to do anything. But also, the new citizens of a country cannot (and should not) isolate themselves and refuse to try to become a part of the community. Part of the problem is that many people don’t understand that this takes time, and isn’t an easy thing to do, and when people are being racist, it makes it even harder and many think that just because someone doesn’t forget their old customs and adopt all of ‘our’ customs they are being ‘isolative’. Some people just never learn and don’t understand that the differences between people make the world a better place, and that a culture isn’t fixed and new people allow that culture to grow and develop. I must say of course, that religion (all religions!) need to learn, or begin to understand, that they are not ‘right’ and that everyone else is ‘wrong’, the people who are extremists, are in my opinion, some of the worst people on this planet, because they refuse to think that things written thousands of years ago are somewhat barbaric in nature (I believe that people have moved on from stoning and mutilating people) and not all your moral values should be formed from one text, that was written in a very different time and era than the one we live in. But religion is such a controversial topic, that I shall move on.

So Hitler has now dramatically changed his idea of thinking, because of one simple chain of thoughts, and everything that he once admired and ‘loved’ has become ‘an abomination’ and something that should be hated. It is quite strange how a little ‘awakening’ can change someone drastically. Maybe some of his hate towards Jews was because he contracted syphilis from a Jewish prostitute, so he then wanted to get back at them all! He has the crazy (I literally think that this thought is crazy) thought that if one single Jew worked at a newspaper, the newspaper was no longer ‘national’ because Jews were not German. How in the world did he think that that was a sound and logical conclusion? I really don’t think that Hitler was in any way logical! And he begins to sound like an insane person, who is paranoid because now ‘EVERYONE is Jewish, and the Jewish are infiltrating everywhere and Germany is no longer safe’ when nothing has changed apart from Hitler.

He even thought that trying to talk to Jews about their doctrine and how ‘stupid’ it was would somehow change their attitudes. If there is one thing that should be obvious, is that talking to a religious person about how ‘bad and wrong’ their religion is, will get you NO WHERE, if someone is stuck in their views, you are wasting your time trying to ‘convert them’ because no matter what you say and how often you say it, they aren’t going to change their mind. And because he couldn’t get through to them, he began to hate them. Was Marxism at all related to Jewish people? It sounds as if Hitler thinks of them as the same, but what about in reality? So in the end of the chapter we are convinced that Hitler really does now (present tense in this situation may not be right, but I cannot be sure) hate Jews, and that we should never forget it. Now that second chapter is done, we can slave away at the third chapter, this is going to take a long time…

In other news, there have now been over 500 views to this site! Which is incredible and amazing, and there have been nearly 200 this month alone! I have been quite overwhelmed by this, so thankyou everyone! I hope you have enjoyed the experience thus far, and join me in the future!


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