The Hunger Games – An Obession

I was going to write another review on some more pages of Mein Kampf, I really was, but I got caught up (again!) in the ‘Hunger Games’ frenzy. I have no seen the movie yet (that is going to happen tomorrow, so I am very excited about that) and may write something tomorrow about it (and edit it in or as another post since I don’t have any time tomorrow to do anything! The movie goes for 2 hours and 20 minutes! Which I am more than okay with considering I don’t want them to miss out on ANYTHING!). But I just finished re-reading (should really be re-re-reading) the first book, and I really forgot how addictive and amazing and addictive and awesome and addictive and terrifying and did I forget to mention ADDICTIVE the book really is, and I was really, REALLY tempted to started reading book TWO (‘Catching Fire’) but I had to resist that urge because I have a book from the library that has to be read in 7 days and returned and I haven’t started it yet (It is ‘Heroes of Olympus – The Son of Neptune’ by Rick Riordan, and I’ve been waiting for it for ages) because I got distracted with ‘Hunger Games’ and re-reading them before the movie (and I would have re-read them earlier but another Rick Riordan book came in at the library for me, so I had to read that first (Kane Chronicles – The Throne of Fire)). And I want only The Hunger Games on my mind when I go to see it tomorrow!

And I can tell you I am literally obsessed with it right now, everything, every thought is basically on The Hunger Games. It is all I can think about. I got an email about the capitol tour thing, and was looking at that ( and that was kinda interesting (not everything is ‘open’ yet, and it is a bit laggy, not sure if that was because I had too many things open, or if I wasn’t on their ‘preferred browser’ Internet Explorer 9 and let’s face it no amount of lagging is going to make me switch over to THAT!) but then I started feeling ‘mixed emotions’ about whether seeing all the trailers and footage and pictures of the movie was a GOOD thing or a BAD thing, since I hadn’t yet seen the movie.

Trailers obviously serve a purpose, they allow everyone to get a taste of what the movie will be like and what to expect, and also allow publicity and hype for the movie to rise. And it creates a fan base before the movie has been released (but with a book, there is already a large fan base). The thing is, the more trailers and things you see, the larger your picture of what the movie is going to look like. This may not be a bad thing, but if you are going into a movie and you don’t want to know what is actually going to happen (sure you, may have read the book but seeing trailers confirms some of the things that the movie have adopted to show) and how it is going to look. So in a way the movie has been ‘spoiled’ and once you’ve seen a movie once the experience is always different the second time around, and if you see many trailers you have already seen some of the events (though the context, mood and emotion (and music sound track) are usually different). So I quickly shied away from the many trailers that I could have seen (though I have seen the TV ads, and the two theatrical trailers, most of the others were actually blocked from viewing here in Australia for some reason, well they were when it was on youtube, but that at least stopped me from seeing more parts of the movie). But the movie looks AMAZING, and from what I’ve heard from most people, they really LOVED it, especially if they had read the books, most were not disappointed.What is your take on watching movie trailers? Do you want to see as much of it as possible before you see it, so you get excited? Or do you want to go in with a blank canvas and an open mind? Though many of you would have seen it by now, but you can still answer about what you wanted to do!

I also tried to play The Hunger Games Adventures on facebook, because I got an email for that too, but it wouldn’t work for me, it just kept loading and re-loading. That actually happens at lot with my facebook apps, a number don’t work, or don’t work they way that they should, which is kinda annoying. If you have played it, is it any good?

But the main thing that is sucking me further into The Hunger Games obsession, is ‘Mark Reads ‘The Hunger Games”. I have mentioned ‘Mark Reads’ before, and a link is on the side somewhere, and I have actually read all of his chapter-by-chapter reviews for all three books. But, I’m re-reading the first book, and loving his commentary and ideas and opinions, as much as the first time! The first chapter is done here: . He is an amazing guy and really funny and insightful, and I really love his blog, so check it out! There are so many books and TV shows/movies that he has done and will be doing, including Twilight, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, Avatar: The Last Airbender, His Dark Materials, Sherlock and MORE! But I actually love his ‘The Hunger Games’ posts, and technically that is what started my ‘obsession’ with his blog. But reading them, or should I say re-reading them, is really amazing, and the reviews actually take you back into the book, like you were reading them. It is hard to explain, and maybe I’m just weird, because I know some people who don’t understand why I like reading the blog and why I am obsessed with it.

So I don’t think you can blame me for not reading any more Mein Kampf today because The Hunger Games are just too overpowering and exciting, and there won’t be one on Mein Kampf tomorrow, probably on Monday though (unless I come up withanother excuse not to…). But I am just so excited for the movie! I wonder if there will be any special features from the DVD and whether there will be any Deleted Scenes, but that’s going to be a long way away, and I have to see the movie first!

If you haven’t jumped on the Hunger Games bandwagon just yet, now is the time to do it. And a handy hint, you shouldn’t see the movies unless you’ve read the books (preferably all of them!) unless you are not interested in reading them ever, because movies never do a book true justice and you don’t want to be too spoiled. And a word of warning: YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!


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