The Hunger Games – The Movie

Before we begin, I lied, Monday’s post (today) is not on Mein Kampf but is on ‘The Hunger Games’ Movie (which I thought I might of put up yesterday but I had no time!). And no Mein Kampf is not shelved (yet…) and should continue tomorrow. But I saw ‘The Hunger Games’ movie yesterday, and I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to talk about it.(*warning* there are book spoilers, so if you haven’t read all the books, you have been warned!)

I was not disappointed with the movie, not at all, of course there were some parts that were missed out and things that didn’t quite match up with the way I imagined them (and I was slightly annoyed every time I saw one of these changes) but it is a movie, which is an adaptation, there are things that just can’t work in a movie. And since the perspective was one of third-person instead of first-person like the book, there obviously had to be significant changes in how things were explained because you couldn’t just ‘hear’ Katniss’s thoughts, but the movie did a good job of explaining things without Katniss through various ‘commentators’ and other cut-scenes. I have to say that it was a good adaptation of the movie, not ‘perfect’ but nonetheless very good. If I were to rank book-to-movie movies (from the number that I have read and watched both versions of) then it would probably go:

#1 – Lord of the Rings (I think this trilogy of movies is well known for being very, very good, maybe near perfect, adaptations of the three books and I think that they are the best. If there is a better one, let me know!)

#2 – The Hunger Games

#3 – Harry Potter (Out of the 8 movies, some of them were pretty good and some were below average, and this can depend on people’s opinions, but in my opinion, ‘The Hunger Games’, at least so far, is better. Maybe the fact that all 7 books were not out when production started didn’t help, but this time with The Hunger Games, they have all the material available to them!)

I nearly thought to put Twilight as number one, because I never said it had to be ‘good’ just a good adaptation (as a ‘terrible’ book translated to an awful movie) and I really do not want any debate on this!

From the very first scene I had goose-bumps and the entire movie I was on the edge of my seat!District 12 didn’t quite look like what I had in mind, in fact quite a lot of the people and places were different. But this doesn’t make it bad, because my version would be different to someone else’s and I expected things to look different. I thought most of the actors played their parts well, and looked how they should (though Haymitch could have been a bit heavier, and more ‘gruff’, he seemed ‘too nice’). They got rid of the whole idea of Madge, so a different version of the Mockingjay Pin had to be concocted, and some of the future events will have to be altered because of her removal. Also for some reason the pin was a ‘secret’ in the arena, maybe they couldn’t communicate the idea of a district token.

To be honest the Capitol didn’t look ‘nice’ enough, and was very different to how I pictured it, I thought it would have looked more grand and elegant, instead it looked quite dirty and too industrial. The fake fire outfits for the carriage ride and interview, looked really fake and terrible, but I concede that it would be hard to make it look authentic. And the arena was very different to how I pictured it, and the lake and the grain field section, seemed to have vanished and the cornucopia looked terrible and so different (I thought it was gold!). It sounds like I’m complaining, but I’m just being fussy.

I thought that the soundtrack was really good, and the music fitted the scenes wonderfully. There was one section, that was a real triumph, and part of it wasn’t even in the book. That involved Rue’s death. (side note, was I the only one who thought that Rue was caught in a net trap and was up in the air, instead of being on the ground caught in a net) It was a powerful, emotive few minutes as we witnessed Katniss running to Rue’s side, Katniss freeing Rue, the spear being thrown, and the boy being shot by Katniss and then the realisation that Rue was going to die. The singing was cut down, but it was still wonderful raw emotion. And the flowers were included, so was the district signal of the three fingers to the lips. But then, there was something unexpected. We cut to District 11, where we saw, who I presume to be Rue’s father, break and ultimately start the revolution. After that they rose up and destroyed buildings and spilt grain, but reinforcements of Peacekeepers quickly arrived. But that section added to the emotion, and was where it was strongest for me. Not only was it well done, but it put in our minds the idea of revolution and its beginning, so it can be explored later.

I could seriously go through like every scene, and go on forever about the things I liked, and things that were different, but I don’t think I need to. I thought that the ending was fitting (though Peeta didn’t lose his leg (don’t know if that sounds like I hate him or not) and we didn’t have to wait all night until Cato was put out of his misery (probably to cut back on the time)) and the inclusion of some extra scenes with President Snow, were superb. I love the extra scene with Seneca Crane after both tributes are crowned winners, where his is locked in a room with a bowl full of Nightlock. It’s slightly different than what happened in the book (wasn’t he hanged?) but it was amazing, and a very good touch. I think Suzanne Collins involvement is felt strongly, and has made the movie one that can be loved by the fans and I have to commend everyone involved. It was fantastic!

The only problem is that we have to wait a year for movie two, another year (or more) for the third movie, and then another year (or more) for the fourth and final movie (as the third book is being cut into two), and I just want to see them all NOW! But the fact that the last book is cut in two, is something I am not angered about. As long as the movies aren’t overly shortened, and they still include the same level of detail and accuracy as the first one, I will be happy. I mean there is a lot to get through in the final book, so much happens, so the more they can show, the better! I seriously cannot wait for the first movie to come out on DVD so I can watch it again and again, and I hope that there are many special features! The wait begins for movie 2…


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