Mein Kampf – General Political Considerations Based on My Vienna Period (cont.)

General Political Considerations Based on My Vienna Period (cont.)

Let’s return to Mein Kampf and rejoin the tale of Hitler and hear about his crazed thoughts and racist ideas.

I think I just read an entire page, and it was ‘nothing’. There was nothing interesting, important and nothing made an impression, it was just words. I don’t even know why he included them. He just seems to be talking up some guy, a Dr. Lueger, even that wasn’t clear, and this could be from the translation or it might not. I think he might be talking about how ‘bad’ and ‘backwards’ Austria were, compared to Germany. He brings up Joseph II, who was the ‘Holy Roman Emperor’ back in the 16th century! I don’t even know if it is relevant, or if he was trying to show of his ‘historical prowess’.

He is trying to talk about Austria and how it cannot survive, and what it would have to do to survive. Possibly, maybe he is saying something else, but to be honest this section is really confusing and lacking substance. He mentions that Austria can only survive when it has good leaders, and some states can survive without good leaders for a while, but Austria is not one of these. He makes it sound like countries just disappear and new ones take their place overnight. Maybe I don’t know enough about history, or if recent times are just a little different and anomalous compared to the past, but countries don’t seem to ‘collapse’ or ‘disappear’. I know that when the USSR broke up, lots of ‘new’ countries popped up in Europe, but to me it doesn’t sound like countries can just collapse and to be overrun, I just don’t really see how that works. I don’t see that happening any time soon, unless mass debt kills Europe and makes a massive revolution, or if the US broke up somehow, but I can’t see it happening. This whole pointless section is just another way for him to attack the Habsurg Empire and democracy.

He then has the nerve to say ‘I shall not lose myself in details on this point, for that is not the function of this book. I shall only submit to a more thorough-going observation those events which are the ever-unchaning causes of the decline of nations and states, thus possessing significance for our time as well, and which ultimately contributed to securing the foundations of my own political thinking.’ He just spent 6 pages talking about it for no discernible reason! He just decided to include these words, so it looked like he had lots to say! Hopefully from those two sentences you get a slight picture of how dull, boring and hard to understand his writing is! Even if it isn’t in the original German, I don’t think it would be any better in the German, maybe I’m wrong. But this is why, it is hard to be motivated to read more of this book. Especially when the section is pointless, and provides nothing of substance or interest.

Again he talks about how stupid democracy is, and how that for Austria, it worked even worse because ‘it had not history’. Actually he talks about the building of parliament, itself, and how it was ‘generic’ because there was nothing the builder could put in as decoration, unless he borrowed from ‘antiquity’. Confusing! In fact, I’m going to leave it there, it is enough for today and I am seriously doubting I am going to finish this chapter, let alone the whole book! So let’s see how long this lasts…


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