Mein Kampf – No more?

Well I think I have come to a decision. There will be no more posts about Mein Kampf, I do not want to read any-more of the book, and I don’t want to write any further posts on it. There are many reasons as to why I do not want to continue with this and here are some of them:

1. The whole book will take much took long, considering I am only just over a tenth of the way through over 7 posts, which means that there would be OVER 63 posts to go (probably more, as some of the posts contained things from a number of pages, so really it could be 100 more posts!) and this is something I don’t want to go on for that long, as I would like to get on to more interesting and exciting books, that people might actually be interested in.

2. The book is dull, boring and is hard to read. The sentences are long, the words are complex and many of the references are of things I have not heard of. This might not be a problem if it were ‘interesting’ and I was enjoying it more, but it makes it a real effort to read and write about it.

3. I have no motivation anymore. I thought it was a ‘good’ idea at the beginning, and for some reason I believed that I would be able to do a full chapter a day, and get it done by Easter, I think I was ‘possessed and crazy’ when I thought that, but there is no way this will be finished any time soon, even if I were able to spend 24 hours a day on it! (which would be akin to torture!) And after reading the introduction, I feel like I actually read the book, and talked about the ideas of the book enough. I am just not interested in finding out any more.

4. I have been doing EVERYTHING possible to avoid reading or posting about it for probably over a week. At first it was fine, I was interested, and some of the earlier pages were interesting, and were ‘easy to understand’. Now (as evident from my recent deviation from the book) I try to avoid the book as much as possible.

5. It’s not fun or exciting for me anymore. It might sound selfish, but the part of the reason of this site’s existence is about me and my thoughts on different books, and because it isn’t fun or interesting anymore, it feels like a chore. Which is not what I want this to be, it should be fun and rewarding, which everything else on the site has been!

6. I don’t think many people are interested in the book. Technically I don’t mind if nobody reads any of my posts, but this site is about creating a community, and sharing an experience of a good book, which is really hard to do with this book.

7. There are many more books that I want to blog about that are far more interesting, but this book would prevent that, even though I made the decision to read the book as a bit of a ‘filler’ between The Book Thief and what will happen next.

8. Do I really need any more reasons?

9. No? Good.

So this is the end of Mein Kampf and I can say that I am happy finishing the ‘journey’ but I can also say that I am glad that I decided to read some of it, and get a taste of what Hitler was thinking. I don’t think this book will ever be revisited, but I don’t think that I am missing out on too much if I end now. And this just allows us to return to fiction, and something that is infinitely more exciting, interesting, amazing and GOOD! I think there is something cathartic about moving on from this book, and being able to do something I am excited about! I feel that now would be a good time to announce what I plan on doing next, but I actually only have tomorrow and the day after’s post until I have to go on a two week hiatus, returning on the 22nd of April. I am actually going on holiday and then I am taking a few extra ‘days off’ to prepare for what I will be doing next, so I am ahead of my posting. So more on that tomorrow, and then on ‘Friday’ (timezones are weird) there will a round-up of a couple more books I have read recently! It actually feels good to be done with this book!


4 thoughts on “Mein Kampf – No more?

  1. I felt some of the feelings you felt too! 😐 I’ve had my copy of Mein Kampf for four years but I could barely stomach the thought of finishing it–I’ve read like 160+ pages and I just couldn’t force myself anymore to turn to the next page. It’s not that it’s a bad book it’s just….something. :/

    1. Have you read it all before? I might read it again (without blogging) once I’ve gone through all the books I currently want to read (which there are a lot of), but until then, it’s not something I’m really interested to do, I mean it was interesting as an experience, but it wasn’t exactly the most enjoyable thing to do.

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