What’s Next – An Announcement

An announcement sounds very exciting doesn’t it!

Now that Mein Kampf is over, there has to be something new that I am going to review, and there is, but the suspense shall remain for a little while longer. As I mentioned yesterday tomorrow’s post will be the last for two weeks, and then I will return on the 22nd of April with the new book. The next venture is something I am really excited about, and has been something I have been itching to get to ever since I began, but I thought that I should have a couple of books under my belt before embarking on this epic journey. So what will the book be, correction, what will the book series be that I am reading next. Well, I am delving into the world of fantasy for the first time on this blog (and it is a genre which I quite like) and coincidentally it is another Australian author (I swear I haven’t just been picking Australian authors, it just worked out that way!). I am not sure how ‘big’ internationally it is, but it is quite large (in my opinion) in Australia, and there is a big fan base online. You may never have heard of them, or the author (possibly the same with Cloudstreet and The Book Thief)but it is a series that I absolutely love!

The author is Isobelle Carmody. I think she is a master of fantasy, the one problem, she is notorious for keeping the series going for a long time and taking a long time to get out her next book. For example, another of her series ‘The Legendsong’ has only  three books, but the first came out in 1997, the second in 2002 and the third is still ‘forthcoming’. Out of her 5 series, only one of them is actually completed. Now this is not necessarily a bad thing, as she takes her time perfecting the story and it actually allows us to live in the world for a longer period of time, without it all coming to an end. It just gets annoying, and we have to learn the value of patience. Sometimes she has added more books onto the series or split them into separate books so she can include more. Which is actually a good thing, because we get more to read!

The series I am going to read, started back in 1987! And there is still one book that is yet to be released, possibly later this year, but you can never be sure with Isobelle Carmody, it may be next year, or even the year after. And between book 4 and 5, there was a 10 year wait! Thankfully I didn’t have to experience that long a wait, but I first discovered the series back in 2007/8. I am talking about ‘The Obernewtyn Chronicles’. The chronicles contain 7 released books, and one forthcoming book (In Canada and America book 6 was split into two separate books making 8 released books, and is a pain to talk about because the numbers are different, so I will only refer to the Australian version). The first book is called Obernewtyn. The books actually get progressively longer (I can draw parallels to ‘Harry Potter’) and book 6 and 7 are around 1000 pages each (possibly why book 6 was split in some places around the world, because it is a pretty big book!). The list of books are as follows:

Obernewtyn (1987)
The Farseekers (1990)
Ashling (1995)
The Keeping Place (1998)
Wavesong (2008) (in the USA, UK & Canada only)
The Stone Key (2008)
The Sending ( 2011)
The Red Queen (forthcoming 2012)

I will be reading all 8 books (as I have the Australian version) and the final book may or may not be released by the time I am up to it, it would be very ideal if it were released around the time I finish ‘The Sending’, but we can only hope! As I have obviously read some of the books before, the discussion about spoilers is a tough one, and will be discussed when I return. I have read upto and including ‘The Stone Key’ so I have absolutely no idea about what happens in ‘The Sending’ and I would like to keep it that way! You have been warned, and technically I don’t want to discuss any future events in any of the books, unless I have posted about that section, because I forget things, and others may be reading for the first time, but this is a matter that I will outline further when I return.

So there is something to look forward to later in the month, and tomorrow you can read about the books I have read recently (though I have mentioned them before in a previous post, but I haven’t discussed them), so enjoy, and I hope you can join my for an adventure that I am looking forward to a lot!


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