Some more books I’ve read recently!

Well for my last post for around 2 weeks I shall share some of the books I have read.

The Hunger Games

As I mentioned earlier in the week I re-read the first book in The Hunger Games trilogy. And boy is it addictive, edge of your seat stuff! There are cliff hangers, twists and turns at every corner, so if you are one of those people who are tossing up whether to read the book, DO IT! The movie is a good adaptation but nothing can substitute a book.I’d also recommend buying or borrowing all three books at once, because you won’t want to wait for the next one, and you’ll get through the books in record time!

The Kane Chronicles – Throne of Fire

The second instalment of The Kane Chronicles, which is based on Egyptian Mythology, by the ‘myth-master’ himself, Rick Riordan, is a book that doesn’t disappoint. We return to Brooklyn with Sadie and Carter Kane and once again they need to save the day or the world will end. Actually nearly all of Rick Riordan’s books are based around this point, but I personally do not care, because each time it is different and there are new aspects of mythology and new characters, so it never feels jaded and overused. There is one final book, which is coming out early next month, that completes the trilogy, and this books sets up a nice final showdown. I don’t really want to talk about the plot, because I’d give away important things, so read it for yourself, and you might learn a thing or two that you didn’t know before.

Heroes of Olympus – The Son of Neptune

We return to the world with Percy Jackson (who was absent in the previous book of ‘Heroes of Olympus’) and this time Rick Riordan explores Roman mythology, with our old Greek mythology thrown in, because the two cultures and mythologies are closely linked. It was an amazing book, and was very engaging. It actually surprises me that this book is actually teaching you things, and that you are learning when you read it. There is plenty of action, and lots of twists, turns and foreshadowing to future events in the next three books! If you are a fan of the Rick Riordan’s previous works, then of course you are going to love this book. I think the book can appeal to a wide audience, sure it is more a ‘kids/teen/young adult’ orientated market, but I’m sure adults can enjoy the books too because they aren’t in your face serious, but aren’t too afraid to deal with tough situations and emotions. I was actually so annoyed when I got to the end, because it ended just as about something BIG was going to happen, and I thought that there were more pages left (because there was a glossary) so I was caught by surprised when it ended! And we have to wait until ‘Fall’ this year for the next one (or spring if you actually live in the Southern Hemisphere!) and there are many plot details left to unravel, so the next couple of books shall be exciting and intense!

So have a nice Easter (if you celebrate it) and if you are on holidays at all, have safe travels! See you all in (around) two weeks!


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