Obernewtyn – Chapter 15

Chapter Fifteen

All Elspeth can think of is escaping Obernewtyn. I don’t really know why, it doesn’t seem that bad, but I guess because I have freedom, I don’t know what it is like not to have it. Elspeth just wants to be free and living somewhere with Maruman, and who can blame her. It is not just her lack of freedom that is making her want to leave, but she has begun to have nightmares. And like Cameo, she is beginning to be afraid of going to sleep because her dreams are so full of fear.But would she be able to escape if she had ‘the guts’ to do so? Would she do it by herself or would Matthew and Dameon tag along? Where would they go? How would they survive, because they would have no money and no one would trust random kids? How would they get back to the other side of the Badlands (or is it Blacklands,  because I didn’t think it was fully tainted, just still not really safe)? There are too many questions and not really enough answers for something that is a serious thing to consider. I just hope that she doesn’t try to do it foolishly, and then gets caught and something terrible happens to her.

One day she had another premonition (we know how her last one turned out, so this has to be taken seriously) and it appears that something is going to happen soon, and it looks like trouble. Later that day it rained with a vengeance, and is probably a sign of the coming winter, which is going to be interesting with everyone couped up for weeks on end. I wonder how it will all work. And because it was raining so much there was nothing to be done except wait for it to be over, because the path back to the house is out in the open. Elspeth though could actually milk the cows since she was under cover, so she had something to do.

Luckily when they were supposed to go back through the maze, the rain stopped. When Elspeth goes to join the group waiting to go through the maze, the group was unusually solemn and gloomy. One girl told Elspeth that Ariel just told them that Madam Vega had returned. And that basically ruined Elspeth’s day, and the foreboding feeling that had disappear from the din of the rain, returned in full force. Nothing had changed, but Elspeth realised that she now knew what the atmosphere at Obernewtyn was, it was waiting.

I wonder if the arrival of Madam Vega will have any impact on life at Obernewtyn, and if Elspeth will actually have to talk to her and meet the ‘head’. I think Ariel will probably be delighted that she has returned, and loved to share the news to all the other Misfits, because he knows that it will make everyone nervous and glum, and I think he almost ‘feeds’ off of it. I think also the fact that he has control and power of the other Misfits also makes him happy.

Talking about power, I mentioned yesterday about the idea from Larkin, that a lot of power has a way of changing people and making their good intentions turn bad. I think it is a great concept, and also ties into the quote by Lord Acton of “All power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely”. If you have a massive amount of power, it is a very quick transition into using that power for evil, even without intending to in the first place. I guess if we look at Elspeth (and Matthew) who have an ‘enormous’ power of being able to read people’s minds without them realising, and it is so easy to be corrupted and do it without restrictions. It takes a great amount of personal restraint to use (or not use at all) the powers in a good and ethical manner. It will be really interesting to see how the Misfits and Elspeth especially control their powers in the future, but there will always be people who abuse their power and use it for the detriment of people, especially those who are ‘powerless’. I think the definition of a good leader should be a person who has large power but uses it in a way for the benefit of the public and protects those who are powerless, and doesn’t get focused on their power and how to control it and use it to control people.

I wonder if the next chapter will see Elspeth meet Madam Vega once more…


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