Obernewtyn – Chapter 20

Chapter Twenty

It was several days until Elspeth could actually try to talk to Rosamunde, and her first reaction was not a pleasant one, Elspeth had also neglected to tell Matthew that she knew her so he was confused too. Elspeth for some reason seemed to assume that Rosamunde firstly forgot that they knew each other and needed reminding, and then decided that she must be here because of Jes. I can’t really see how she came to that conclusion, but Rosamunde doesn’t want to talk to her. Elspeth on the other hand wants answers (assuming Rosamunde actually knows anything about Jes, which now appears to be apparent but I cannot see why Elspeth decided it so early on), which Rosamunde doesn’t want to give, though her emotions give ‘something’ away, which makes Elspeth nervous. Then Elspeth tries to guilt her into telling her by bringing up the fact that ‘she denounced her’, which makes Rosamunde pale a little. But what is quite interesting is that she tells Elspeth that Jes could read her mind too, which confuses Elspeth as much as it does me, but Rosamunde seems reluctant to talk any further. Elspeth refuses to give up, and tells her that she was made her denounce her, which I don’t think is a smart move, considering she already is reluctant to talk, why would she talk to someone who controlled her mind?

For some reason Rosamunde then seems to open up and agrees to tell her everything (which is convenient). It sounds as if Rosamunde and Jes were ‘together’ and were planning to live together once they left the orphanage (does this surprise other people, or is it just me?). But then a new boy came, who was different and it was obvious would never be given a Certificate. Then suddenly Jes and the new boy became the best of friends, but he denied it and changed the subject whenever she asked. One day Jes told her that he was a Misfit and that the boy had shown them what he was and a group of them were meeting in secret. He talked about escaping all together, and that the Council was afraid of Misfits like them, and that some of the boys were in different homes and communicate great distances. One day Jes found out that a group of them were exposed in another house and were being interrogated by the Herders, and he wanted to try and help them. He told Rosamunde that he regretted pushing Elspeth away because she was different, and now he understood what it was like.

He said goodbye to her, and climbed out the window to meet the boy, and the soldierguards then arrived. They shot him with an arrow because Jes tried to run, and had already killed the other boy. A soldierguard went to Jes and told him that all the others were dead, and something strange then happened, and the guard was dead. Another died also, then one shot and killed Jes. The Herders took Rosamunde and thought she was like the others and made her confess to everything. They wanted to burn her, but decided to send her to Obernewtyn in case they ever needed to talk to her again. They made her swear not to talk about it to anyone, or she would die, which is why she didn’t want to talk in the first place. She didn’t tell them about Elspeth, but she believes that one day they will come for her.

Elspeth was so shocked by all this, that she became numb and distant. She broke down in tears, and remembered that she thought she would never see him again. Sharna, the dog came along and tried to comfort her. Elspeth asks him ‘why is life so full of pain and hurting? There seems no end to it. When are the moments of happiness to come?’ He answers in the best way possible, “It would take a truer wisdom than mine to answer that.” Which makes Elspeth ask for him to teach her to be wise. Which he responds that he cannot teach wisdom, no one can, but a person must learn and discover it for themselves. Sharna reveals to Elspeth that beasts know of Death but think about it differently to humans. To us it is a burden and is something that is ‘evil’. But it is nature, and death is neither good nor bad. And with everything else in life, it is basically up to you to decide what is ‘evil’ and what is not. It is truly some wise words, that I think are quite comforting, and quite interesting. I always wonder how authors can come up with such wise words, and interesting messages for their books, it is a true gift.

Rushton finds Elspeth and tries to comfort her, though she thinks that he is some sort of informant. But he assures her that he is not an informant, and that he is sorry for her loss. He tells her to get back to work because it is not wise to greive for too long, as there are some who would report her.

That night she reflected on a few things, and found that she was confused as ever to what is going on at Obernewtyn, but she also longs for Maruman. She now is beginning to trust Rushton, as he seems to be a good person, and he might know about Maruman.

I just want to share a few thoughts about the story from Rosamunde because I didn’t really want to interrupt the flow of the story with my thoughts. For a while I was thinking that the new boy might have been Ariel, because he disappeared for a while and could have easily be viewed as a person that was not normal, but could have changed Jes into liking him. But obviously that isn’t quite right, as the boy died (as far as we have been told, and if I have learnt anything from Sherlock and countless other books, TV shows and movies, you can never be sure someone has died, even if you see it with your own eyes) but I do wonder who the boy was and if we will ever find out. I am also interested in all how many others are out there with mental powers, and what if there are some with drastically different ones that could do anything, because we have seen quite a few different powers, so who knows what others are out there. I am also interested, greatly so, in how Jes killed one/two people with his mental powers, and could Elspeth do this? What a strange power to be able to kill someone with your mind, I wonder if he died from the arrow, or from the mental exertion, which would have to be huge, and Jes was only beginning to find out the extent of his powers. Was Jes already as strong as Elspeth, or would Elspeth still be strong because of experience? And how strong was this other boy, was he the leader, or just a pawn like Jes? So many questions! I don’t think many will get answered because they probably aren’t too relevant to the storyline, but it would be nice to know a few answers!


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