Obernewtyn – Chapter 23

Chapter Twenty-three

The next morning Elspeth desperately wanted to tell Matthew and Dameon all that she had learnt during the night, but the two of them were acting strange. Dameon seems angry at her, because he believes that she was careless and left evidence of her ‘journey’ and because of that they are leaving the wolves outside for longer than they normally would. Apparently, Willie (an informant) had said that someone was outside. But once Elspeth had explained what actually happened last night, their thoughts changed to figuring out what they had just learnt. Matthew cannot understand why Alexi believes that Cameo and Selmar could possibly know the location of this map, which I hadn’t thought about. How would they know where the map is, I guess it must be connected to the fact that the two of them seem to be ‘possessed’ by her during the night. But I don’t see how it happened in the first place, there is more to learn about this. Dameon suggests that they are using their powers to find the map, which I guess they could do as they (Elspeth at least) can see ‘impressions’ and might be able to find the map.

The odd thing is Cameo has no power, which is when it dawns on Elspeth that because of her and the day she let her mind wander and set off the machine, they think it was Cameo who has the power. It is also now, after a warning by Dameon that they must stay away from any quest for Oldtime machines, that Elspeth realises that if Alexi, Madam Vega, or even Henry Druid were to find Oldtime weapons, there would be no telling what they would do with it. But their thoughts are more on their escape, which cannot happen until after winter, especially when only Elspeth is in full physical condition. Unfortunately, they are risking Cameo in the process, and Dameon had a true dream in which she died.

A couple of days later, the first snow fell (hold on, didn’t it snow earlier when Alexi and co. returned from outside?). Quite creepily Ariel came close to Elspeth and warned her that any plans of escape would fail, from either the cold or the wolves, I wonder if he was doing it as a general warning, or if he had suspected them of planning to escape, or does he know they want to escape? That very afternoon, there were sounds of wolves, and Elspeth learned that someone had tried to escape. Who was it I wonder?

But worse for Elspeth, she was sent to get some rogue goats back to the house, but it was ‘rain-snowing’ and drenched her to the core. That night she was already running a high fever and now the entire group is in one way or another in poor health. When Elspeth woke from her ill slumber, it was Rushton who was by her side, waiting to give her illegal herbs to aid her recovery. She seemed to feel better once she had eaten the herbs.

When she woke again, she was greeted by some bad news. Selmar had tried to escape and Ariel shot her, and let the wolves have her. She was dead. When Matthew came in, he told Elspeth that Ariel is boasting about killing her. He is one ‘sick, demented’ person, Ariel is probably the worst person in this book because of how sadistic he is. Is it too much to hope for his immediate death?

In a sign that things are just getting worse, the Council have heard about Elspeth, and have decided to send soldierguards to collect her, whether they will be able to get to Obernewtyn is another thing, with the terrible weather, and Enoch looking out for her, refusing to take them in the bad weather, is another thing. In further tragedy, Cameo has completely disappeared. Elspeth has been sick for nearly a week and she has not been seen since then. Elspeth has to escape before the soldierguards come to collect her, but as she starts to escape out the front door (of all places to choose, the front door is definitely the most inconspicuous) when someone told her that if she moved he would kill her, and stuck a point (probably a knife) into her neck.

Things have started to heat up, we are getting into the action! We are now into the Third part of the book, and are over 3 quarters of the way through. There is so much to find out about what is going on at Obernewtyn, and things need to be set up for the next book. But right now, who has caught her? Is it Ariel, or would he just immediately kill her? Is it Alexi, but why is he visible and not hidden away? Is it some new character that we haven’t met before? Or has someone betrayed her? So many possibilities!


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