Obernewtyn – Part Three – Master of Obernewtyn – Chapter 24

Part Three – Master of Obernewtyn

Chapter Twenty-four

Elspeth recognises the voice of her attacker. The person takes her into a room nearby, where she learns that the identity of her captor is none other than RUSHTON! Who would have guessed that he would capture her? But he has different motives than that of other possible captors. He is trying to help her. He believes she is so foolish trying to escape, what if a guardian, or Ariel appeared? Rushton believes that they should talk, and it is long overdue. Apparently from the moment he saw her, he knew she would cause him trouble, a view shared by Louis Larkin. He tells her that he knows that Alexi is searching for a Misfit with particular powers, and he believes that Elspeth is the ‘one’. It appears that Rushton is aware of much that is going on in Obernewtyn, especially when it comes to Elspeth, Dameon and Matthew. He tells her that her only hope from not being caught by the Councilmen who are coming to collect her, and then interrogate and burn her, is to hide. But she cannot leave Obernewtyn, as it is much too dangerous and she would never survive, her only option is to hide in Obernewtyn, but if she did that Ariel would quickly find her, with the help of his wolves. He offers a third option, that she must trust him, and allow him to do what he needs to.

Rushton knows nearly all that is going on, including Alexi and Madam Vega’s plans. He had his own plans, but since Elspeth has shown up, they have been thrown into chaos. Elspeth cannot contain her curiosity, and I don’t think I could either, I want to know what is going on and why it is happening, all the time. But to Rushton, he sees this as a problem, and a weakness, because he thinks Elspeth doesn’t know how much danger she is, and talking will just waste time. Apparently, Selmar had the same curiosity but that ended poorly. He also mentions something that I am sure Elspeth did not know, that the Blacklands affect the arrowcase’s bearings and would be of no use. Rushton intends to take Elspeth down to the farms, where they will not be able to search until the storm is over, and even after the storm, the maze will be snowed in. Later, he will take her somewhere she will be safe until winter is over.

But if the maze is snowed in, how can they get to the farm? Rushton, knows of a different way to get to the farms and he also mentions that he locked up the wolves so they won’t be a problem either. Rushton believes that the Council are a bunch of fools, that hate what they don’t understand, and are afraid of it, so try to control it. It sounds very similar to how things are in reality too…

But before they can do any of that, they hear sounds of running, which means that either Elspeth’s empty bed has been found, or the coach is arriving! Maybe it is worse, and the coach has actually arrived already and Alexi knows all about Elspeth, which puts her in more danger, it is hard to tell. But already someone is knocking on Rushton’s door, so Elspeth has to hide in ‘a smaller door’. It is Ariel who has come to inform Rushton that Elspeth has escaped, and that Alexi wants her. Rushton has to help Ariel to find Elspeth. It is quite odd how Ariel is more ‘superior’ and high ranking that Rushton, when Ariel is only a teenager (presumably).

Things aren’t looking good, as the wolves have been released meaning that Rushton’s ‘secret way’ to the farms is dangerous as well, and without Rushton to try and control them, Elspeth would have no chance. Except, that she can speak to animals, and may be able to control them. For Rushton it appears that Elspeth is a bigger threat to everyone alive, than dead, because if she is caught, everyone is in danger. Elspeth is going to have to use ‘tunnels and drains’ to get to the farm, and Rushton’s explanation is pretty poor and seems to begin as if we missed some previous explanation. But he learnt of this secret way from his mother, which really raises more questions than it gives answers.

There is no time left for talking, and Elspeth has to hope that she can get to the farms, alive.


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