Obernewtyn – Chapter 25

Chapter Twenty-Five

Elspeth has managed to get to the first ‘tunnel’ which is really a secret passageway behind a tapestry, which personally I think is one of the coolest things ever! I love the idea of secret passageways, and hidden rooms! The tunnel itself was covered in probably decades of cobwebs and dust, so hopefully Elspeth isn’t afraid of spiders! Elspeth wonders how Rushton’s mother would have known about the tunnel system, if she apparently was never at Obernewtyn? More questions, that are just going to have to wait. Because the tunnel was pitchblack, Elspeth actually walked into the next door, which was again behind a tapestry. She had to creep out into the open and quickly find the next tapestry, which luckily also had a door behind it, because it would have been all over if there were no more tunnels.

When she was hiding behind the tapestry, she heard a sneeze. She thought she was just about to be caught, when she heard a thought, whose owner was Sharna, the dog. He had dreamed that she was in danger, and needed his help, because the dream told him that she must be protected to fulfil her destiny. He like Maruman now calls her Innle, and is going to protect and help her on her journey. Sharna was able to help Elspeth find all the tunnels, some of which were better than others. Inside one of the tunnels, Elspeth heard Alexi, Madam Vega and Ariel all talking about trying to find Elspeth. They want her found alive, and believe that she is the right girl for their plans.

Soon they reached the final tunnel, and it opened to the outside. But the wolves were already at the entrance, waiting for them, having sensed their approach. Sharna tells Elspeth that these are wild wolves that have been maddened by men, and that they can’t think, so Elspeth won’t be able to control them, and that they should wait until they are gone. Elspeth has to go (though would they ever find her if she hid in the tunnel, or would they use the wolves to locate her?) and the drain is only a short distance away.

Sharna however launches into action, and attacks the wolves creating a distraction just long enough for Elspeth to escape. Elspeth was able to get into the drain, and crawled along, Sharna frequently telling her to ‘Go’. Sharna was weakening though, and Elspeth knew that he had sacrificed his life for Elspeth. Elspeth is saddened by Sharna’s death, and thinks that she should have fought the wolves, but she was too cowardly. Though she would have been killed too, and no one would ‘win’, this way she has a chance of survival. It is sad to see Sharna die, but he sacrificed his life for her, and Elspeth had best make it worth it.

Eventually the drain widened and Elspeth was at the farms, though they were covered by thick snow, making the next part of her journey dangerous. Obviously the wolves cannot get to the farms, otherwise this plan would be ruined. The snow made it very difficult for her to find the silo, and she was in danger of getting lost and freezing in the open. But someone was calling out, having heard someone, and was able to direct Elspeth in the direction she needed to go. It did not matter to her, if the person was friend or foe.

The person approached Elspeth, and it was a boy called Dominick, who Elspeth had seen with Rushton on many occasions. He took her to a ‘watch-hut’ and warmed her from her cold experience. Elspeth had frostbite on her feet, and was actually lucky that she didn’t lose a foot from it. Dominick wanted to know why Elspeth was here, and she told him that she ran away. He wants to report her, but the storm prevents him from doing that, so they will have to wait until the storm is over. Elspeth slept, planning to get to the silo Rushton wanted her to go in the morning.

Is there something in the silo, or is it just a place Rushton believes will be safest for her? Is Dominick the boy that was posted to look after the animals, or is that someone else? If he isn’t the boy, why is he out at the farms? There are only four chapters left, so things are heating up!

On another note, I’ve reached a total THOUSAND VIEWS, which is simply amazing! I’d like to thank everyone who has stumbled across my site, and those especially who have commented and subscribed! I really appreciate everything. I hope all of you can continue to join me in the future!


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