Obernewtyn – Chapter 29

 Chapter Twenty-Nine

We return to Matthew talking to Elspeth, actually he was commanding Elspeth to stay in bed, as she is still unwell. Dameon too believes it might be best if she continues resting, but Elspeth will not stay lying down, when there is an important meeting to attend. Elspeth had been unconscious for days after the incident, and is still quite weak, so the machine and the killing power really drained her. Matthew comments that she looks different, and Elspeth feels that she is stronger now, and the power is waiting if she ever needs to use it again. Elspeth had not seen Rushton since the cavern, and both Madam Vega and Alexi are dead. Ariel on the other hand ran out into the blizzard and is believed to be dead. Rushton is now the Master of Obernewtyn, and will officially register it as such when he gets a chance to go to the Councilcourt. I wonder what happened to the councilmen who were sent up for Elspeth?

In Rushton’s friends, there was a variety of mental skills, and Rushton seems to accept all of them, which is probably rare, as most would be afraid. Rushton wants to get Obernewtyn in order, before making his claim after winter, and the meeting is about his plans. Elspeth is quite annoyed that Rushton has not spoken to her since the incident, and she wants to go to the meeting just to see him. Rushton is going to make Obernewtyn a secret refuge for Misfits. Elspeth has now come to the conclusion that it is immoral to read other Misfit’s minds, and that any Misfit community will take some time to actually work smoothly.

Apparently Rushton met the Druid whilst coming to Obernewtyn, and befriended the man. He came to Obernewtyn because his mother told him to, but had given no details or reason. Rushton, with the help of Louis, began to understand the story and that he was the true Master of Obernewtyn, but instead of going to the Council he made a deal with the Druid. In exchange for taking over Obernewtyn, he would allow the Druid to establish himself at Obernewtyn. To be honest that would be a bad thing, as the Druid sounds to be exactly like Alexi and co. Elspeth vowed to never let anyone know about the map or what it leads to, as too many people would try to find it.

Elspeth concedes that she doesn’t really want to go to the meeting, which pleases Matthew and Dameon. Elspeth considers what she will do once she recovers, and thinks that she won’t stay. She wants to be free, and explore the world a bit, and also deal with her destiny. Matthew asks Elspeth as much, and reveals that Rushton wants to build up his own Council, and Elspeth would be a valued member. Dameon explains that Rushton wants to govern Obernewtyn with the help of elected Misfits. They will work on their abilities, and train others, in groups. These groups are called guilds each with their ‘special abilities’. The Council, will be a ‘guild merge’ as all the leaders come together.

We even learn what happened to those councilmen. Alexi had drugged them with wine, and threw them into a underground storage chamber. When they awoke, everything was over and Rushton told them what had happened, with a few changes to the story. He told them that Madam Vega was plotting against the council, and had knocked them out to hide her plans. The whole overthrow, was to ‘free the councilmen’. In their minds, Elspeth ran away and was killed by the wolves.

Rushton arrives, and Matthew and Dameon leave them alone. The pair are quite awkward together, and Rushton reveals that he thought she would be dead or wake up like Selmar did. He too asks if she will stay, and Elspeth again says that she wants freedom. Rushton wants her to stay and help set up the guilds. Once they were all strong enough, they will make the council accept them, which will be a big task, and probably lead to bloodshed. He convinces her to stay, at least for a while. He leaves to go to the meeting, and Elspeth is left to her thoughts. She thinks Rushton will be a good leader, someone who was born to lead. Elspeth thinks about her destiny and how Cameo, Maruman and Sharna all believe in her, and how she ‘will not fail them’

Tomorrow I’ll do a wrap up of Obernewtyn, then we shall begin ‘Farseekers’.


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