The Farseekers – Part 1 – Chapter 1

Part One (no interesting title this time around) Edit just found out that it should have a title, Obernewtyn, my copy must be a misprint.

Chapter One

‘The Farseekers’ begins with Roland telling Elspeth that he can do no more to help her healing, she will just have to rest. What they are talking about is Elspeth’s feet, who (cause feet are people) haven’t healed since her frostbite and burning ordeal back at the end of the last book. We learn that Roland is the Healer guildmaster, and there is only so much he can do. Elspeth too is a guildmistress and she believes that she has to wander Obernewtyn and not stay confined in her bed, even if it doesn’t help her feet. We learn that there is a ‘tecknoguild’ that studies the Beforetime and the affects of the Great White, and their guildmaster is Gareth (who I don’t believe we have met).

As Roland leaves, another healer, Kella arrives to soak Elspeth’s feet. Kella tells us that Roland is angry that he can’t heal Elspeth properly. We hear that Rushton is away in the Highlands. Elspeth has needed to adjust to her freedom at Obernewtyn and open up, as she no longer needs to be careful what she says, and if someone will be an informer. We slowly begin to learn about the other guilds, which also include the Coercer guild, which as we learnt in Obernewtyn involves mind-control, and the guilden (whatever that is) is Miryum. The role of the Coercer guild is to protect Obernewtyn if the Council ever attack. The healer and coercer guilds are at loggerheads, as they are two polar things, so tensions are high between the two guilds, already. We learn that coercers, healers and futuretellers (another guild) are all able to ‘deep-probe’ but in very different ways.

Matthew arrives, and exclaims that he has been searching for Elspeth for ages. Apparently Elspeth dislikes the fact that, as Guildmistress, her privacy has been invaded and people want to know her whereabouts. Matthew has come to say that Rushton has returned, and is calling a guildmerge. Such a sudden need for a meeting has Elspeth concerned. Her guilden (which must be like a deputy guildmaster), Ceirwan (another we have not met) went with Rushton and would have normally come to Elspeth to give a report, but there is not time for that. We learn a very important piece of information, as it has been two years since the end of Obernewtyn, so a lot of time has passed and a lot has happened.

Elspeth has found Obernewtyn a home, and has been happy here, considering she wanted to leave this is good news, Maruman as well has decided to call Obernewtyn home. Matthew’s once prominent limb has been healed, and he now towers over Elspeth. There is still much about their abilities that remains a mystery, even after two years, so there is still much to learn. At Obernewtyn, multi-talented ‘Misfits’ are common, and the dominant power ability is what determines the guild, if they are equal then it is a matter of choice. There is another guild, the Beasting Guild, where ‘Misfits’ can speak to beasts, like Elspeth can.

The two are approaching the new front doors after the old ones were burned, to destroy the map to the weapon-machines. The metal of the doors were used to create armbands for guildmasters, which was Elspeth’s suggestion. Inside, Rushton is waiting for the two. He tells Elspeth that the Council appears to be renewing interest in Obernewtyn, which is not good news. He is fed up with not knowing what the Council is doing, and having to guess what is going on. So he wants to send people to the heart of the Council, Sutrium. I guess now we know why he wants a guildmerge. There are many new characters to meet, and for their traits and personalities to be fleshed out, which is all very exciting. At least we know where this book might be heading, we are going on a journey to Sutrium, and Elspeth is going to be involved, otherwise, what will this book be about?


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