The Farseekers – Chapter 14

Chapter Fourteen

Elspeth has decided to tell Katlyn and Grufyyd the truth it will make things easier, especially refusing their offer of staying with them. After their nightmeal, Elspeth retold their story to the pair, including everything. Well they did exclude the fact that they had mental powers and are all Misfits, which is an acceptable exclusion, because some people can be forgiving about a lot of things, except one, which is basically a ‘deal breaker’. But at least they shared their story, and it is the first time they have found people they can actually trust. In a sign of good faith, the pair also become more forthcoming out their own story, and do want to help them further.

Their son, Brydda doesn’t follow the Council’s laws, so he is a Seditioner. He helps those who are going to be burned for Seditioning escape and restart their lives. But the couple haven’t heard from him in two moons (months) and have not been sent anybody to protect. They are concerned for their son, and in return for their kindness, want the group to travel to Aborium and bring a message for him. Domick is vehemently opposed to the idea, he would not be with the group, having travelled to Sutrium, and they have no papers and were planning to avoid cities. Also Aborium has a bad reputation, and is known even in the highlands. Domick is really opposed to the idea, because of Kella, and their apparent blooming friendship, which seems to be becoming a lot deeper than just ‘friends’.

In exchange for sending the message, they will be able to take their horse and cart. Elspeth agrees, feeling that it is the least they could do in return for their kindness and assistance. They will have to leave tomorrow morning. At Aborium, it is unlikely that they will need any papers, as they aren’t checked, and it is possible that Brydda can help them, as long as nothing has happened to him. Katlyn already starts to prepare some food and drink for their travel, which will take three days. They will find Brydda by going into a pub and giving a secret code to signal for him to come. In Aborium, the gates are open for free travel in the daylight hours, and they should arrive around that time, so entry shouldn’t be a problem.

She gives them a final warning that they should not linger too long in Aborium, as there are many rumours of slavers, who take people who are never seen again. Aborium has a strong Herder presence, which isn’t the best news for Misfits, and for a runaway Herder, Jik. Hopefully they are not troubled by the Herders, but so far things have not gone their way, and it is likely to continue.


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