The Farseekers – Chapter 16

Chapter Sixteen

Elspeth has now found Brydda, well she was brought to him, but still, she has now found him. Apparently he is like a giant, and right now, without Elspeth’s message being given yet, he seems quite crude. But as soon as Elspeth mentioned Rangorn, his face changed and sent his men away. He had thought that she was bringing a different message, which is why he was crude and surrounded by other men. As Elspeth gave her message and told a bit of her story, Brydda became concerned for the rest of her party who are out alone at night, unless they got away before nightfall, and sends one of his men, the man who saved Elspeth (Reuvan) to try and find them. Now alone, Elspeth asks why she was locked up as a prisoner at the inn, when his name was mentioned, when that was what she was told to do. But it seems that since his last correspondence with his parents, much has changed with Brydda. He was betrayed by one of his men, and now the inn is no longer a safe place for messages, and anyone who enquires about him is locked up. The other messenger he was waiting for, and who was also the reason Reuvan was at the inn, would bring some news, and then Brydda would leave Aborium.

He is wanted by the Herder faction and the Council, and it is he that the soldierguards at the gate were searching for when our group arrived. Brydda has a ‘knack’ of judging people, and figures out that Elspeth too must be a Seditioner if she came from his parents. Obviously she would never share her actual story with a complete stranger, even if they were wanted by the Council and Herders and was a Seditioner themselves, but Brydda doesn’t really care as he doesn’t need to know. But we learn that Brydda wants to rid the land of the Herders, and though they cannot fight openly just yet, they are starting an uprising, which one day will overthrow the Herders. He plans on going to Sutrium, where he also has friends.

Reuvan returns with news that he could not find her friends, but there is even worse news that they have been taken prisoner by the Herders. And they know about Jik, and are being held awaiting interrogation. Interrogation at the hands of the Herders is probably one of the worse fates for a person in the land, probably worse than being burnt alive. Elspeth of course wants to save them, but according to Reuvan it would be impossible and Brydda agrees that only a madman would attempt it.

The other messenger, Brydda was waiting for arrives and gives him good news, and Elspeth takes the opportunity to slip away from them back into the street. She will find her friends, without them, though they would have been good allies to have, as Elspeth has no knowledge of this place. She uses her talent to try and find Jik, it took some time, but she learned valuable information, that Jik is alone underground, and Kella and Pavo are together and Avra is in the stables. A priest recognised Jik, and tried to tell him that he was alone in his escape, but they took everyone. They want to know everything, and braver and tougher men have fallen to the Herder’s interrogation, Jik will reveal secrets that Obernewtyn cannot afford to lose. And remember Elspeth or Domick were charged with wiping his memory if this thing happened, and I don’t know if Elspeth can do it so far away. Jik may be taken to Herder Isle, which I don’t think he would ever return from.

Elspeth raced to get to the Herder cloister to try to save her friends, her feet were now just as bad as before, if not worse. It was a heavily guarded place, and Elspeth was in no condition to coerce a guard, let alone multiple guards, so she would have to find another way in, like over the wall, which in itself is not an easy thing. She was leaning against the wall, when she sensed a dog on the other side about to give her away, so she used her powers to make him curious and not bark. She used a tree to get to the top of the wall and then awkwardly got on the other side, the dog waiting for her. She contact Jik again, and found out that they are taking him to Herder Isle tonight, so there is no time for an actual plan. She also located Kella and Pavo (who she can’t communicate with as they don’t have the right talent) and Avra.

So Elspeth has devised a plan to save Kella and Pavo first, who will then go and save Avra and then escape, while Elspeth saves Jik, all without encountering Herders who will surely kill them (or capture them) or killer dogs. How they are going to escape, WITH A HORSE, I have no idea. I just think it is really cool that Elspeth can use her powers/talent/thing so that she has amplified senses to detect people coming and can tell which way to go by quickly checking where something goes, why can’t I do that?

Does this sentence make sense – “I could hardly believe I was creeping through a dread Herder cloister.”? Does she mean a dreaded Herder cloister? Otherwise I get the feeling of that sentence, because I can’t believe you are in a herder cloister either, it was almost too easy! So she finds Kella and Pavo who are going to go outside and follow the kind dog to Avra and they will exit through an exercise yard out onto the street. They will then flee the city, possibly bribing the guards at the gate and will ride away, until they cannot see Aborium any more, and they will camp on the beach again. Pavo was quite bad in terms of his health, not only his sickness but he had been tortured during his questioning, I wonder if Kella tried to heal him or if she just forgot she could do that from fear.

As they are starting to escape, a priest is approaching, so Elspeth has the cunning and radical idea that they will try and hide in plain sight against the walls. Well she makes it dark, and uses her powers to make the priest look everywhere BUT where they are hiding, she used to do it on Jes when they were younger playing hide and seek, so hopefully it works on a Herder. It worked, and the others were able to go find Avra, while Elspeth had to get to Jik.

But she was too late, he was already with two other priests, and Elspeth cannot overpower them. She knew she had to wipe his memory, or make a memory block so he wouldn’t reveal Obernewtyn, but she didn’t really have the strength to do it. So she has another idea, which has to pay off otherwise everything is ruined. She leaves the compound by climbing over the wall again, and looks for Kella and Pavo. She goes to the main gate and prays that they bring him out that way, and then she will try to create a distraction and save him. Just as Jik is loaded onto a carriage, someone touches Elspeth, it is Brydda.

It’s not good news though, because this distraction means that Jik is already riding away in the carriage. He is gone. How can they save him now?


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