The Farseekers – Chapter 27

Chapter Twenty-Seven

We return to Obernewtyn and Rushton proclaims that he is the Master of Obernewtyn, and is asking who is selecting their guilds. It seems it is an elaborate guild choosing ceremony, and we see some of the newbies that have joined. There is Merret, whose mother is a healer, but she chooses to be a Coercer, and Zarak decided to choose again, but this time the Farseeker guild. Dameon comes to speak to Elspeth (seriously we have not had enough Dameon, I missed his awesomeness) and apparently some of the younger members have started to sing a song of Elspeth’s first journey to Obernewtyn (though glorified). And they are at work on writing a song about the journey to the coast, though Dameon is aware that they do not know the whole story. He always seems to know more than anyone else, and Elspeth wanted to tell him, but she cannot, Atthis warned against doing such thing. I mean how do we not know that Dameon is the Destroyer (I really doubt it, but you never know who it could be).

Gahltha now follows Elspeth around like a shadow (though only outside Obernewtyn), and he and Avra are now apart of the guildmerge, something they are happy about. He also asks Elspeth if Kella and Domick will bond before they go back to the safehouse, it was obvious that there was something going on in the end, and this means that they returned to Obernewtyn (not going to lie but I also typed in Jik’s name, but then I remembered, he was dead… it was a sad moment). I wonder if Brydda was with them? But their union is one that will start to ‘heal’ the divide between healers and coercers, division is something that Obernewtyn cannot afford when the ‘war’ is not over. Dragon has started her empath training, though she is a handful, and seems to have taken to Matthew quite a lot.

It was spring, and this ceremony was the highlight of the moonfair. It was a true fair, with singing, dancing, displays and music, it is a nice little, happy end to tie everything up before we move onto the next book.

Daffyd comes to talk to Elspeth, and they discuss Gilaine and the others at the Druid camp. There is hope that they escaped as they had in place a plan to escape quickly in case of soliderguard attack, so they may have had a chance to get away alive. Daffyd is planning to go to Sutrium with Kella and Domick, and he will start looking for them. Brydda had come up to Obernewtyn and he liked what he saw, and wants Rushton to meet with his allies, and see if they can create an alliance and work together to bring down the Herders. Katlyn and Grufyyd decided to stay at Obernewtyn and call it home. Pavo has died, and the Tecknoguild are saddened but in his honour, they have sent an expedition to the city under Tor, to further explore the Beforetime city.

Apparently the soldierguards kept their word and called Obernewtyn deserted, and Ariel lost some credibility because of it. But still, the main roads are unsafe to travel, because no one can know that Obernewtyn is still habited, so they will use the Olden path, with the help of other dogs and avoid the taint. And now Elspeth and Rushton talk of the price of their fight, it is a ‘war to end the war’ which is one of things that seems counter-intuitive. It seems that the pair are heading towards a relationship like Kella and Domick’s, I wonder if they will bond, or if Elspeth will not be able to allow someone into her life, in fear of her journey she must complete alone. It will be an interesting dilemma.

Roland is still mystified by Elspeth’s healed feet, and the coercers have nothing but praise for her coercing ability, like no other, and the healers are amazed at her ability to heal Maruman, and Gahltha’s changed attitude, and her mysterious reappearance. She is surrounded by mystery and intrigue, and has many abilities, but as Rushton says, she probably says more to Maruman and Gahltha than to any human. And it seems already that Elspeth is trying to deny her feelings because of her journey, I wonder if her feelings will be able to win out. Rushton has many plans for the future, and for future battles that they must wage, but I fear he is too complacent about the Herders and Ariel, who both seem to be too cunning and sly to ignore.

The chapter ends with Rushton requesting a dance with Elspeth, and Rushton always gets what he wants. I wonder what could possibly be left in the epilogue, it already seems like the story is over and has been wrapped up nicely, what more could there be?


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