The Farseekers – Epilogue


We finally have more Maruman, who has recovered well after his fit (well what exactly was it, because wasn’t it Atthis fault, but what exactly was it that was wrong with him?) and proclaims that the snow will be coming again. Is he saying it is nearly winter again, and that nearly a year has passed? They were in the futureteller hall, waiting for the guildmistress, Maryon. Elspeth doesn’t mind winter, it is when Obernewtyn is safest, as there no-one can get to it through all the snow, but Maruman warns that there are some things that no barrier can stop. When Elspeth tries to get him to elaborate, all he says that when the others come, it will be time to make Elspeth’s ‘dark journey’. She is not going on the journey alone, the oldOne (the Agyllians Elder Atthis) has promised that, and Elspeth receives a vague mental picture of a pack of dogs, one of whom looks like Darga. All Maruman says is that he will come, and when he does it will be time to go, but for now it is best to forget.

Elspeth can get no more out of Maruman, he only shares what he wants to. Elspeth wonder’s if her journey is what Maryon has called her to talk about, she of all people would be most likely to know with her futuretelling powers. Suddenly she gets a strong sense of premonition, which usually means danger. Maruman tells her that even if she fears her journey she must go on it, she is the Seeker. She is afraid of failure, and doesn’t want to lose the things she loves, like Rushton!

‘Life is a battle. You have to fight for the things you care about and believe in…’ Some wise words from Rushton, wise enough that even Maruman jokes that even funaga’s can have moments of wisdom, even if they are rare. And it ends there, with the two of them laughing.

But what about Maryon, what does she want to talk about? Is it about her journey, or is it another thing they have to do to save Obernewtyn? Good thing I don’t have to wait too long to see if this question is answered in ‘Ashling’, which I will be starting shortly. Tomorrow there will be a ‘wrap-up’ post of ‘The Farseekers’ and then I’ll have a post of something different, just to break things up a little, and then I’ll return with ‘Ashling’. The books are starting to get bigger now, with Ashling nearly twice as long as The Farseekers, so there is a lot to get through! I can’t wait!


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