Ashling – Chapter 40 Part Two

Chapter 40 Part Two

The Battlegames have commenced, but what exactly are they required to do in The Pit? The Misfits were lowered into one end of the Pit via rope, and the rebels were lowered into the other end of the Pit. Miky is already uncomfortable with what might happens, and doesn’t even want to watch. The ‘servitors’ then used more ropes to remove the cage closing in the bears, who were bewildered by the change of events. For a long time, nobody moved and then the smaller bear noticed the Misfits, and lumbered towards them, growling a little. Freya stepped infront of the other Misfits, and began to empathise the bear. Two servitors then put a pipe to their mouth and blew, they were sending darts into the bears. The bears were not happy to be hit by the darts, and the larger bear roared furiously, and started to rear. That made both the Misfits and the rebels freeze in fear.

Freya’s face showed terror, as she realised that she no longer had contact with the bear. Since she can no longer connect to the bears, means the darts were drugged. And considering that the Sadorians have a vast array of spices at their disposal it shouldn’t be surprising that drugs were given. What is surprising, is I thought they were against harming the earth, but yet they will abuse animals? Are the animals not part of the earth? Or do they see animals as guilty as humans when harming the earth?

The larger bear notices Freya and charges towards her, eyes red with rage. The smaller bear seemed confused, and Hannay and Fian stood beside Freya lifting their stick and shield (probably useless weapons against the bears) to fend them off. Freya stood her ground, and was fixed on the smaller bear. Dameon reveals that she is sending calmness and compassion to the smaller bear, in an attempt to keep it calm. Even the larger bear seemed to hesitate. And it looks like she is getting to them. But (there is always a but) the rebels can’t have the Misfits calm down the bears, they want bloodshed and to show how ‘brave’ and ‘amazing’ in battle they are, so one of them decides to drive a blade into the smaller bear’s side. The bear fell to its side without a cry, and Freya fell and shrieked though, as she was connected to the bear emphatically as it died, and would have felt its pain. If she was a farseeking or coercer, she would have died with the bear.

Elspeth reached out with her own mind and found the bear was indeed dead. She could also sense coming from the larger bear, that the small bear was its cub, and now it is going to be furious. It shouldn’t be surprising that the rebels seem to have no care for animals and were unfazed by killing them, whereas the Misfits, couldn’t think of anything worse than killing an animal (I assume they must be vegetarian then? Or because chickens, pigs, cows and sheep aren’t talkative they don’t mind…?) tried to calm down the bear. The female larger bear, went over to the cub, and prodded it, and let out a heart-rending howl. As she was distracted, the four rebels decide to arrange themselves and move in to kill it too. Elspeth readied herself to drive away the rebels, but she remembered that she could not interfere.

Back in the Pit, Hannah had dragged away Freya, who was now unconscious and Miryum had both the shield and knife and was facing the rebels, trying to keep them away from the bear. The mother bear looked up to see Miryum’s back, and was preparing to strike, when Fian waved his shield (I thought Miryum had that though…) to draw its attention away from Miryum. He has a small secondary ability to beastspeak, and was trying to reach the bear. The bear got confused, but then made up its mind and charged towards Fian. The bear raised its sharp claws to strike, and I don’t know how well he will fare after his encounter. The rebels on the other hand had slipped past Miryum (well some of them) and were now advancing on Hannay and Freya! Hannay was trying to revive Freya, and hasn’t seen them coming, and this is so intense! What are the rebels going to do, kill Hannay and Freya. If they do, I HOPE THE GROUND OPENS UP AND EATS THEM ALIVE, AND MALIK EXPLODES (and only he dies) AND THE REBELS REALISE THAT THE MISFITS ARE AWESOME, even if the rebels attack the Misfits (FROM BEHIND) the other rebels better take note of how ruthless they are, and how that is not a good thing to have in terms of an ally.

The bear strikes at Fian, but he dashes out of the way. Miryum also moves out of the way, and the other rebels are in the bear’s line of sight (to be honest, I don’t care if this bear destroys the rebels, because they deserve to be punished for the killing of the cub, and their back-stabbing attitudes). It was then the rebels’ turn to run away. Miryum and Fian stood still, and Fian again tried to reach the bear. Elspeth could see the rebel behind Hannay raise a knife, and it made her think of Madam Vega threatening to kill Rushton, and she could stand by and see Hannay be killed. But Freya woke back up, and the look on her face alerted Hannay to the danger. Hannay reacts and sends his elbow into the rebel’s groin. Good on you Hannay (though I do not condone violence, he deserves it).

So much is going on, as the three rebels now are sending the bear in the direction of Miryum. One of the rebels then dropped his weapon and started dancing oddly, Miryum was coercing him. And the other two were so shocked that they didn’t do anything (and this makes me laugh thinking of the sight of this man randomly dancing in the battle, I wonder what Malik is thinking at the moment). Then a second rebel dropped his sword, again coerced, and even the bear was confused with the scene and went silent. The third rebel realised what was going on, and went over to Miryum and knocked her out. She fell to the ground, and now Fian was alone facing three rebels and the bear.

Again the rebels tried to send the bear towards Fian, but once again, one of them dropped their weapon, as Hannay starts to coercer. But he is not as strong as Miryum, and the rebel he elbowed earlier picked back up his knife and charged towards him. That meant he had to stop coercing and defend himself. It was a pity that they had knocked down Miryum, as she would have soon had all three rebels under her spell, but of course things don’t always work well for the Misfits. Then the bear seemed to go suddenly mad, and Kella assumes the drug must progressively get worse. The servitors pulled more ropes and a secret passage opened up in the wall and the three rebels ran towards it (don’t know or really care what happened to the fourth).

The bear charged towards them, but the passage was too narrow. Then the bear turned its attention back to the Misfits, as Freya was now trying to revive Miryum. Hannay and Fian are now positioning themselves in front of the two with their weapons raised to fend of the bear. The fourth rebel recovers from all that happened (can’t remember what exactly) and saw that no one was watching him, and picked up his knife, and once again rushed at Hannay, with a mask of hatred on his face. The sudden motion caught the eye of the bear, and it turned and charged. Freya staggered out to set herself between the Misfits and the rebel, and the bear stops with its eyes focused on her. Freya slowly approaches, and calms the bear down, and now is mesmerised by her. Then it groaned, and kneeled over.

Freya was distraught, and yells at the Sadorians who have killed the bear. Kella notes it must have been poisoned, probably by another dart. Jakoby announces that the first game is over. Who won? The rebels ran away in fear, and took the easy way out, whereas the Misfits stood their ground and tried to calm the bear, instead of trying to kill it. Unfortunately for the Misfits, their attempts are probably not what any judge is looking for, because they aren’t battle techniques. Personally, the Misfits would win (and of course that is totally unbiased….) because they showed courage and bravery in actually facing the bears, and the rebels were so cold hearted and evil that I would never want to fight with them. It will be interesting to see what Bram has to say. And I think if so much happens in the next few games, I will definitely have to split things up again to cover it all. I just hope that the Misfits are all alright, and can recover.

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