The Casual Vacancy – #2

Continuing on from my previous The Casual Vacancy, by JK Rowling post:


  • Teenage love is so awkward
  • She didn’t come, is it in any way related to Barry’s death?


  • I know a teacher called Gavin Hughes
  • So he didn’t want to talk to Kay, instead they had sex? If you don’t like her then don’t be with her!
  • Oh, Gaia, didn’t see that one coming
  • That would be so AWKWARD, poor Gaia hearing her mum & Gavin, and it it looks like they like it rough, what a nightmare
  • Really Gavin, just breakup with Kay, don’t lead her on
  • OOPS! Just realised I’ve been calling Barry FairWEATHER, when his name is FairBROTHER
  • Squash buddies
  • I wonder what the will contains, is there something important in it?
  • Maybe realising who your best friend is after they are dead, is a tad late


  • What a small town, having to go to the next town over to go to school
  • Krystal, what a character, even when she was only 5 years old! (Only reminded of the fact she was mentioned before Barry died, as what he was writing his article on, because of JK Rowling reading the first section. Curious.)
  • That is a lot of nicknames for Stuart Wall – whose parents were the ones Mary wanted to come to the hospital
  • He is skinny, but is called Fat?
  • Having a teacher and deputy principal as your parents, both working at your school, would be a challenge
  • Who is Cubby? (Oh it is Colin Wall, the deputy)
  • A weekly assembly would be hell
  • 5th and 6th graders who are teenagers, I have no idea about the British education system. Is this like 5th and 6th graders at High School, or just 5th and 6th graders at school?
  • Mr Meacher, Teacher with an M
  • Gaia coming in and making a small scene, but she sits next to Andrew!
  • Mood swing
  • Was Krystal just accused of laughing when she didn’t, just because she is a delinquent? Or did she actually laugh?
  • Aw, they smiled at each other


  • Back to an obese Howard
  • Would people really think about his penis?
  • I guess we do get a bit of joy at telling people something they didn’t know, it makes us feel powerful, and we love their reactions, but isn’t a bit sick
  • Maureen just can’t believe the news
  • Barry’s death makes it a CASUAL VACANCY
  • Howard is the chair of the Council and 1st Citizen (whatever that means, was he the first here?)
  • Howard wishes he could call himself Mayor, but Pagford is just too small
  • Barry was on the Council too, and he and Howard clashed heads
  • Dr Jawanda not a fan of Howard, I can see why


  • Now with Dr Parminder Jawanda, she is seeking confirmation from someone else about Barry, but would people really make this up (maybe Howard might)?
  • Her husband, Vikram, also a doctor calls with the news, and the Post Mortem will be conducted soon
  • Parminder can’t help but think of her memories with Barry
  • Took off the jacket, the book looks very fancy and very elegant
  • Cow-faced houses?
  • Finally we see some grief from Barry’s friend and ally (everyone else seems to revel in the news)
  • Is sudden death worse than knowing you are dying? Being able to say your goodbyes is important, but is the knowledge you are going to die to terrible to live with?
  • Is there an upcoming vote on something that Howard wants and Barry and Parminder didn’t? I wonder what it was on.
  • Does anyone know what ‘Sainchis’ is, Google doesn’t know


  • Tessa Wall – Head of guidance, she might need some guidance of her own with Barry’s death
  • That Headmistress seems formidable, I guess they are supposed to be, but be nice to your own staff
  • Krystal has an appointment with Tessa, and for once she arrives, though only to shout abuse about Mr Wall
  • But she says she didn’t laugh, which makes me more convinced that Mr Meacher just made it up and blamed Krystal. Maybe it was HIM that laughed!
  • She shouted because she couldn’t believe Barry was dead, I wonder what the real connection is between this school girl and the journalist
  • Krystal told Mr Wall she didn’t laugh, but teachers have a way of not believing their students
  • Tessa believes Krystal and thinks her husband didn’t quite do the right thing
  • Tessa tries to explain that Mr Wall was upset today, and she will talk to him about revoking her detention
  • Poor Krystal exposed to so much death, and finding an unknown corpse in your bathroom when you are 6, that would be so traumatic
  • Krystal has been removed from her mother’s care a few times, into the care of her Nana
  • What is this crew?
  • They have a rowing crew, oh that’s right Barry was the coach, and apparently he was the only one who could get Krystal in a group and keep her there
  • Interesting use of parentheses to travel back in time in memories
  • Barry was going to interview Krystal for the local newspaper about something other than rowing
  • I guess that means the interview won’t happen now


  • The Parish Council website, probably doesn’t have too many visitors
  • In a small town I guess death and scandal are probably the two things that would spread like wildfire throughout the town. I wonder how small this town really is, because it seems large, but at the same time it doesn’t have a school, so it can’t be that large
  • Interesting transmutation of Barry’s things, he has made a huge impact on people, and now everyone is reminded that he is gone, everywhere they look
  • So ironic that news of Barry’s death hasn’t seemed to reached the local media, and sad as well that his colleague/s haven’t found out he has died. But I wonder what is in that last email
  • Just like Chinese Whispers (I have no idea why that game is called that) news travels and quickly becomes distorted
  • This transaction sounds suspicous
  • These goods, sound like drugs
  • I had forgotten who Simon was, he was the neglectful father and husband
  • Was Barry really corrupt? Was he being paid to keep a certain contractor? Or is this lies spread by Howard?
  • Seems like Simon has made a few mistakes with his money in the past few years, and he bashed his kid in rage about it
  • Does Simon really think that if everyone else is corrupt, I might as well be corrupt too?

That’s the end of the first Part I believe, the next is titled (Olden Days) and once again has a quote from a Local Council Administration handbook, this time about trespassers. Just over 1/10 of the way through this book. And I quite like it. It is very different, not only to HP but to things I’ve read before. I really hope JK Rowling keeps writing and publishing, and provides us with many more unique stories.


7 thoughts on “The Casual Vacancy – #2

  1. Did you ever get an answer about sainchis? I just googled it and came to this post- you’re correct about google being unaware. I’m super interested to know what it is, especially now that google doesn’t even know!

  2. I found you today Googling for the same reason. I also found a reference on FB to the theft of some ‘Sainchis’. It looks like they are ‘sets’ of holy literature.

  3. In an old-fashioned system still used in some (very few, and very old-fashioned) parts of the UK, fifth and six year (not grade! We don’t call it grade! The same way we don’t call headteachers principals!) are the years for students aged 15-16 and 16-17 respectively. By the way, it’s the same system of years as used at Hogwarts, where fifth year students are 15-16 etc.

    1. Ah so it is more like year 5 and 6 of the secondary school (always good to relate it to Hogwarts!). Even so that is interesting, in Australia you’re in primary school till 11-13 (a couple of states differ with what year is high school), and then what would be year 5 and 6 of high school would be 16-17 and 17-18. So does that mean sixth year is the final year? I think if memory serves me right you can then move on to college before university?

      Yeah we use year here in Australia too, not sure why I decided to go with graders there. Strange that we’ve taken to Principals rather than Headteacher.

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