The Keeping Place – Chapter 19 – Part Two

Chapter Nineteen – Part Two

Finally we are starting to get some answers, this time from Brydda about Rushton and the rebellion. Though in the scheme of things there are about 5 MILLION things we still need answers to including the gadi translation, Matthew, Dragon, the Quest, Destroyer, Ariel, Gavyn, Cassy, Dameon and everything else ever mentioned!

Brydda was in the middle of telling Elspeth and co about the rebels new found values and how they don’t want to lead the Land forever, rather make it a peaceful place without oppression, before I rudely split up the chapter. And Malik was outvoted by all the other rebels, and it is all the Misfits fault, and I think he is going to make them pay. But anyway, Merrett (who I didn’t even know was in the room) asks what Rushton said when given their proposal of working together. Rushton told the rebels that they couldn’t work together because it would be supporting violence even if they didn’t do any of the blood-shedding, and that would be against their true nature, and their oath. Now I understand that Rushton is Master of Obernewtyn and makes all the decision, but are we sure that they Misfits would have refused the offer to help the rebels, considering their help would make things less violent?

To Brydda, yes Malik and some of his cronies, would be capable of kidnapping Brydda, but there would be no gain. Considering Malik was opposed to the Misfits help, why would he suddenly kidnap Rushton and force them to work for the rebels? As for the other rebels, Brydda can’t see them kidnapping Rushton. But Elspeth suggests that for the rebels, a little dishonesty would be fine if it meant finding out the traitors among their ranks. Brydda is surprised the Misfits know about the traitors, and admits that that was part of the reason the rebels wanted the Misfits. But he makes sure he emphasises that if the Misfits hadn’t made an impact in the Battlegames, nobody would ever have suggested it. However, Brydda doesn’t see kidnapping a possible ally as a reasonable reaction to try and wipe out the traitors. And if wiping out the traitors was the whole point for the kidnapping, then wouldn’t that be illogical, considering they could just as easily find out who kidnapped Rushton while weeding out the traitors?

It all boils down to, who else would want the rebels and Misfits working together, if not the rebels? Who else would benefit? Revuan is convinced that they must now accept the alliance, but Brydda doesn’t want to accept a forced alliance. Brydda says that they will search the Land for Rushton, and if he is being held by a rebel, he will find them out (Elspeth bitterly says, just like their traitors). Elspeth apologises, and tells him to make sure it looks as if the Misfits intend to help the rebels, and she mentions that they want a meeting in Sawlney to discuss with the other rebels. Gevan tells Brydda why it is such a good idea with so many people coming and going from the place and Brydda agrees. He says that since they were due to have a meeting again, and he chooses the location, he’ll make it Sawlney, and Malik won’t argue because that is Brocade’s territory. Brydda wanted to keep the Misfit involved a secret, but since they want to make it known they are cooperating with the kidnapper’s demands, they want him to let everyone know about them.

Brydda also tells Elspeth that only he and Reuvan of all the rebels know of Obernewtyn’s location, and Jakoby and the Sadorian’s never speak of it. So if someone knows about Obernewtyn, and is a rebel, they must have gotten it from Rushton himself. There was nothing much left to say, so Brydda and Revuan decided to leave and go to the farms before departing, and Elspeth joined them. Outside, and not wanting to speak of Rushton any further, Elspeth asks whether the Sadorians had left yet. Brydda says that they have, and that the rebels were a little disappointed that they weren’t getting a large number of Sadorian warriors, but since there had never been a number on the troops coming, they weren’t too disheartened. Apparently Bruna remained in Sutrium, even though her mother left to go back home. Even though Brydda says Bruna is oblivious to Dardelan’s love, why else would she have stayed in Sutrium, if she didn’t like him?

Dardelan’s father, Bodera, is doing poorly, and he will be lucky to live long enough to see the rebellion, much to Malik’s annoyance. The group made it to the farm, and Brydda and his parents had a quick reunion. Unfortunately Katlyn mentions Maryon’s futuretelling (quite innocently) to Brydda about how Rushton’s kidnapping and the futuretelling is a double curse, which means Elspeth has to quickly explain about the forthcoming strife. Elspeth stops Gruffyd from mentioning the magi and their wagon which he built, which is tampering with the poor man’s desire to show his son what he can do, to keep the magi from being known as Misfits. It is time for the to say goodbye, and Brydda can’t tell them when he’ll be back, but he does say once the rebellion is long over he’ll rebuild the family farm. Though his parents love Obernewtyn too much now to ever think of leaving. Reuvan says that he’ll look for the slaves in Idris’ name, which is a very honourable thing to do. Elspeth mentions the landscape they’ve been seeing in dreams of Matthew, and Reuvan says he’ll ask around about it.

Brydda prepares to set off, and Elspeth asks if Rushton ever saw Domick in Sutrium. But Brydda says he sent a message, but Domick didn’t answer. They rode off with Brydda promising to send word if they find anything about Rushton. Alad tells Elspeth that if they ever have to leave Obernewtyn, he will refuse and stay with the animals that can’t go. Elspeth says that hopefully her plan to make it look like they have left will be enough to keep them at Obernewtyn. Obernewtyn is too precious and important to the Misfits for them to abandon. As Elspeth returned to Obernewtyn, she became determined to fight for Obernewtyn and find Rushton, she wouldn’t let life’s course dictate things, she wants to be in control, and she wants to fight. Good to see her fire up about the things she loves, otherwise, she’ll lose them.


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